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The '80s are back and kicking ass in 1st RoboCop reboot trailer

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Sep 6, 2013, 11:30 AM EDT (Updated)

We finally have our first look at that RoboCop reboot, and it looks like the 1980s are coming back with a vengeance.

Unlike that clinically flat Total Recall reboot, this second shot at another Paul Verhoeven classic looks like it could hit the campy-cool sweet spot. The effects look solid, and the story setup seems to have some fun angles to dig into.

Anyone who was worried can take solace in the fact that Joel Kinnaman definitely looks the part of a modern-day RoboCop. Plus, everyone from Gary Oldman to Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton pops up -- meaning this could be a wicked fun movie.

The story is now set in Detroit, 2028, and we get a peek at Alex Murphy’s circumstances and some great shots of the new-look RoboCop kicking butt and taking names.

The reboot opens on Feb. 7, 2014. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think. 

(Via /Film)

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