'80s cosplay, new Buffy, dead Depp, geeks vs. nerds & more!

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Dec 16, 2012

Step in from the cold (for those readers in the Northern Hemisphere) and warm yourself by the radiant glow of the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week's edition features quite a bit of Star Wars (3D, TV, toys, posters), great '80s retro cosplay pics, crazy-cool (real) planets, Buffy's new developments, geeks vs. nerds and Johnny Depp's death. (Sorta.) Clicky ... NOW!

Our story: 19 retro cosplay pics reveal how awesome we used to be in the '80s

Your best comment: Might be worth pointing out that it wasn't called "Cosplay" back in the day - we used to call it "masqurade" and "Costuming". I hate that any costuming/maqurade is called "Cosplay" - not just Anime/Manga based.

We have The great late Forest J. Akerman for beging the first one to wear a costume at a scifi con in the late 1930! — HerbFinn

Our story: 17 pics of Oscar-winning faces from sci-fi's great makeup artists

Your best comment: My biggest Oscar upset ever occured when The Nutty Professor beat Star Trek: First Contact for best makeup. Eddie Murphy in a few fatsuits and whiteface beat out making over 100 different intricutly detailed Borg. — The Moleman

Our story: 15 unreal sci-fi and fantasy books we wish we could really read

Your best comment: What no Kilgore Trout...how can you have such a list without Barring-gaffner of Bagnialto or The Gospel from Outer Space or Oh Say Can You Smell???? — zonefish

Our story: 6 elegant Star Wars posters tell the entire saga in silhouette

Your best comment: I love them all except for Revenge...it kinda looks like a zombie is trying to get to Obi-Wan... — Lesley

Our story: 9 real-life planets so outrageous you'd swear they were sci-fi

Your best comment: I claim all mining rights to PSR J1719-1438 b, mwuahaha. — The Analyst

Our story: Shiny concept art from a Superman game you'll never get to play

Your best comment: Blue Steel? really? I don't see any problem in that name, except for all the people that saw the film Zoolander and all the people who says that saw Zoolander or all the people who knos somebody who fits the above description... Blue Steel... — Angelo

Our story: 3 Dark Knight Rises pics show Bane and Batman getting their rage on

Your best comment: I don't think it is a problem with him not having Venom. One reason why this Batman series is so good is that it is rooted in reality. The problem with this guy is that he isn't at all unsettling or threatening. He is just a guy. Look at it this way, Batman faced probably the most intimidating, frightning nightmares he could face, the Joker. Looking at this guy would be a total cake walk after that. We need an escalation in the danger not a reduction. — napoleonwilson

Our story: The long-awaited Star Wars live-action TV series finally gets a name!

Your best comment: Each week's episode will be an "improved" special edition of the previous week's episode. — Chris

Our story: Store's awesome answer to customer 'disgusted' by Anakin toys

Your best comment: It should be noted...in the article actually...that as revealed by Ross' roommate in the original site's thread....that Ross sent the letter as a joke to see what would happen. — Scavenger

Our story: Whoops! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is [spoiler redacted]!

Your best comment: All I can think about now is that Kurt Cobain's song "Buffy's Pregnant". — Vitor

Our story: 5 stunning new Episode I posters bring the 3D force to Star Wars

Your best comment: You won't be saying that when Jar Jar's floppy ears come flying out of the screen to slap you in the face!! — Z

Our story: Infographic of the Day: Are you a Geek or a Nerd?

Your best comment: As Kosh would say - Yes. — Michael

Our story: Check out nearly unrecognizable Johnny Depp in new Dark Shadows pic

Your best comment: Johnny Depp has to be this generations "Man Of A Thousand Faces". Sure, he doesn't do his own prosthetics like Lon Chaney did in the 1920s, but he takes to wearing unusual make-up well, and gets into character so well because of it. — Akiko Harada