8 actors who could star in Dark Knight writer's Invisible Man pic

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Dec 15, 2012

You have to imagine that, as vain as actors are, many would be wary of taking on a role in which they can't show their faces. And now that The Invisible Man is getting a remake by David Goyer, that might be the biggest challenge for the director—finding someone who doesn't mind not showing his face for a whole film.

Goyer told Hero Complex that he's "going through the casting process [and] if they get the right lead, they'll make it."

So with that in mind—who would make the best Invisible Man for Universal and Goyer's remake? Here are 8 actors who seem right for the role.

Leonard DiCaprio

In Catch Me If You Can, DiCaprio proved he could play a likable criminal. Could he do the same as the Invisible Man? That depends on the plot. Will the character be a thief League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen-style or simply a Doctor Griffin caught up in an experiment gone wrong? That plot point will tell whether he'd be a great choice.

Johnny Depp

Who wouldn't want Johnny Depp in anything? We mean, the guy created the memorable Jack Sparrow character, he was Edward Scissorhands, he has been associated with other goth and monster style films ... so why not the Invisible Man?

David Tennant

The 10th Doctor has begun to make a name for himself in the feature film arena. His latest, as Peter Vincent in the remake of Fright Night, makes him a prime candidate to play the Dr. Griffin version of the Invisible Man. Unlike the character in the 1933 film, the Griffin of the novel is possibly a psychopath, even before he makes himself invisible, and this would make for a more intriguing role for Tennant.

Seth Rogen

Rogen would be an interesting choice. He's already been the iconic Green Hornet, plus he has a signature voice that would be easily noticeable. His casting would seem more like Chevy Chase's Memoirs of an Invisible Man than a remake of the 1933 film.

Robert Downey Jr.

Why not cast a guy who's been both Sherlock Holmes and the brilliant scientist Tony Stark? He would make a great Invisible Man, and certainly his name on the credits would get people to theaters. Downey has voice-acted before, so using his voice more than his face in a film like this wouldn't be out of the ordinary for him.

Christian Bale

Goyer at the helm makes us wonder whether he'd cast someone close to him, perhaps his Batman. The Invisible Man would be different character for the veteran actor, especially one who's is used to wearing a mask. Like Tennant, we see him playing up the psycho side of the role.

Will Smith

One would imagine Will Smith is at the top of anyone's list because his name is a brand. He also has a great voice that's perfect for the role.

Alexander Skarsgard

You can't have a list these days without a True Blood actor on it, and why not get the manipulative vamp Eric Northam? Problem is—those who adore him won't see him in the movie ... because he is invisible!

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