8 intriguing teasers for the 6th season of Doctor Who

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Dec 14, 2012

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol screened at the BFI Southbank in London last night, and some very lucky people not only got the chance to see the eagerly awaited special before the rest of us, but ALSO caught a brief trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Doctor Who. And we know what they saw.

Den of Geek's Simon Brew was there, and after it was all over, he wracked his brains in order to remember details of what he learned about what's coming up in the wonderful world of Doctor Who next year.

A word of warning: These are a bit *spoilery* in nature, so move along if you'd rather not know anything at all.

Here you go, then:

•The Doctor in the Oval Office. Jammie Dodgers, too.

•New fashion tips: "I wear a Stetson now," proclaims the Doctor. That's cool, too, he asserts. He might just be right, too.

•Men in military uniforms looking in bad moods

•A bearded Doctor

•A few clips of River Song, one of which seems to find her at least partially bereft of clothes

•Someone in a spacesuit

•Even though our memory is trying to convince us otherwise, we're pretty sure there was an Ood in there, too

•Plus, there's a monster in there we've not seen before

We have to pause for a second here at the idea of a Stetson-wearing, bearded Doctor (we're looking forward to seeing for ourselves whether these two will be happening simultaneously), at a "partially bereft of clothes" River Song and at the fact that there MAY be an Ood in there as well. (The writer warns us that his memory may be playing tricks on him, so we'll have to wait and see for sure). But right now, this all sounds quite cool to us.

There you have it, then. Look for the trailer to screen right after Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol airs on Christmas Day in the U.K. and U.S. (it'll air on Boxing Day in Canada), so don't change the channel, and whatever else you do—don't blink.

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