8 aquatic discoveries that have us believing aliens visited Earth

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Evan Hoovler
Dec 16, 2012

On some obscure TV show, we learned that space was the final frontier. However, with the Kepler space observatory finding dozens of awesome new planets every month, we're starting to wonder if that's true. After all, 95 percent of the ocean is still unexplored by humans.

Which got us to thinking: Wouldn't it be ironic if the first proof of extraterrestrial life came from the ocean instead of the skies? With that in mind, we found eight strange things in the ocean that we think might indicate the work of alien hands (or tentacles):

The Baltic Sea Disc

The UFO world has been abuzz with the reports that a champagne-salvaging team from Sweden discovered something very unusual on the floor of the Baltic Sea. To drive theorists into a frenzy, it won't be possible to reach the object until around May, when the fierce currents die down. The strange, round object prompted a member of the research team to state, "I have never seen anything like this."

Wait, they've never seen the Millennium Falcon? What's going on in Sweden?

The mysterious object is 60 feet long and circular. Tracks lead up to the object from far away, which we must admit is the least mysterious part of this (even ocean rocks have "tracks"). Until a crew can get down there, the craft will remain under 10 stories' worth of salt water.

cap: It turns out, the secret to intergalactic travel is giant, rectangular stones

Ancient Underwater City

At the turn of the millennium, oceanographers were doing what they thought was a routine assessment of India's Gulf of Cambay coast. To the surprise of the team and pretty much everyone else in the entire world, they found evidence of a miles-long city stretching out into the water. Although the age of the underwater ruins is a hotly debated topic, some estimates have put it at about 9,500 years old. That's thousands of years before the area was thought to contain people, and would make this among the oldest cities in the world.

Yonaguni rock formation off of Japan

On the ocean floor off the southern coast of Japan sits a huge formation made from 20,000,000-year-old stones. Though thought to be naturally formed, the patterns created are stunning.

The largest formation, called "The Turtle," resembles a cubist painting of an elephant turd

So what is all this for? Our guess is that aliens visited Japan, forcing them to build a resort spa. Hoping to deter the aliens, the crafty Japanese built the worst-looking resort ever, causing the aliens to abandon our planet in disgust.

Bimini Road

Off of North Bimini Island in the Bahamas lie three peculiar straight stretches of "road." Each is composed of hundreds of large rectangular blocks. The main structure stretches linearly for a great distance before disappearing into the sea.

In 2006, Syfy aired a program called Quest for Atlantis: Startling New Secrets. For the show, a team investigated the area around and below Bimini Road. Beneath the road, the team claims to have found a second structure of similarly arranged rectangular stones. Unfortunately, no followup has been planned, perhaps because there was no evidence of ghosts.

The Mayan Underworld

According to the Mayans' system of belief, death is as fraught with doom as their predictions of life seem to be. In order to get to the afterlife, dead souls had to follow a hound through a watery maze full of peril.

Maybe the fun-loving Mayans were just building a "death themed" amusement park

In 2008, archaeologists stumbled upon what may have been the very source of these beliefs. On the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, surveyors found a mammoth system of interlocking caves going both above and under water. Stone temples and pyramids can be found throughout the labyrinth of 14 caves.

Researchers are still discovering new features to the cave system. One of the spookiest is a 300-foot road leading into the water. We can only imagine at the very end of these roads is a huge pile of Mayan human and canine skeletons. If we're lucky, that is. If we're unlucky, then at the end of these caves is a portal to hell.

Lake Michigan Stonehenge

While hired to scan Lake Michigan by sonar for old boat wrecks, professors from Northwestern Michigan College discovered a peculiar arrangement of stones. Not too far beneath the frigid waters of a Lake Michigan bay sits a unique pattern of stones that brings to mind the classic UFO landing site Stonehenge.

Yet no one says anything about the remarkably random arrangements of junk boats and cars

To make things even more mysterious, the researchers claim that one of the stones contains a picture of a mastodon. While we'll be the first to admit that this seems far-fetched, the state of Michigan is already home to many ancient glyphs and stone circles. As for the origins of the underwater Stonehenge, we have a pretty airtight theory. See, long ago aliens landed their spaceships in Lake Michigan. This angered early man, so he attacked the alien saucers by throwing giant stones into the lake.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge Weirdness

The ocean is home to millions of species, so it's not extraordinarily surprising when we're poking around in it and we discover a new one. Still, this yet-unidentified sea creature makes us wonder if aliens ever checked into a room at Innsmouth.

What makes this organism extra peculiar is that, nearby, researchers discovered a weird stretch of evenly spaced holes.

When you hurl the Earth at someone, be sure and hold it by the seams

No further expeditions have been planned to the area, probably because scientists were too creeped out.

Milky Sea

For centuries, sailors of the Indian Ocean told legends about how huge parts of the sea would sometimes glow bright blue at night. This phenomenon went undocumented because people just assumed it was the product of crazy seamen. However, the last century has seen hundreds of reports of giant swaths of the Indian Ocean glowing like a rave all night long.

With the advent of space satellite technology, we were finally able to take an actual look at the phenomenon, to figure out which parts of the legend were based on truth. It turns out that pretty much all of the legend is based on reality. A large cluster of bacteria bioluminescent-ing all over the place is the source of this amazing wonder.

Which means were just a few short steps from making the Atlantic Ocean read "Coca-Cola"

While we haven't yet found the "smoking gun" of a crashed alien saucer on Earth, it would most likely be underwater, since there's just so much of that wet stuff to crash into on this planet. No matter what, we need to keep scanning the seas. There's all sorts stuff that could be found that would blow our minds: aliens, mermaids, a rusting hulk of the Statue of Liberty, etc.