9 fantastic sci-fi and fantasy books to pick up this September

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Sep 7, 2018

September is always a huge month for book releases, which is both good and bad. It means there is a glut of amazing new books to read, but it’s also hard to narrow down what to read first! Luckily, we here at FANGRRLS keep track of what’s coming out and when. That means we can help you narrow down which books you should pick up this month.

Do you love fairy tales and magical realism? What about space operas? Maybe some necromancy and ghost stories? Whatever your fancy when it comes to science fiction and fantasy, there should be a book or two on this list that can satisfy your book cravings.

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Ignite the Stars - Maura Milan (September 4)

All you have to say is “space opera” and I’m here for whatever book you’re pitching. This novel centers on Ia, who is a criminal mastermind captured by the organization she opposes. They’re set on making an example of her and send her to their military academy. It’s against all she stands for, but Ia can’t help but make new connections — connections that make it harder for her to pursue her end goal.


The Lost Queen - Signe Pike (September 4)

I’m always interested in King Arthur retellings, especially one told from a woman’s point of view, and this book is so, so well done. Signe Pike’s novel The Lost Queen is the first in a trilogy that tells the story of Languoreth — the twin sister of the man who would become Merlin. This first installment takes readers through Languoreth’s life as she grows up as the daughter of a local chieftain in a world caught between the Old Ways and Christianity. As a new leader called Emrys Pendragon emerges, the world is more dangerous than ever, and Languoreth must figure out how to keep herself and those she loves safe. 


A Spark of White Fire - Sangu Mandanna (September 4)

Another fascinating space opera, Sangu Mandanna’s latest novel is based on the Hindu epic The Mahabharata. Esmae lives in a world of spaceship cities and kingdoms, where the rightful ruler of the ship Kali has been deposed by his uncle. As a result, Alexi Rey and his family are royalty in exile. Esmae wants to see Alexi on Kali’s throne, but she also is eager to claim the birthright she’s been denied for so long. By entering a competition that will allow her command of a powerful warship, Esmae puts herself in the middle of this conflict and must figure out how to engineer the outcome she wants without hurting anyone in the process.


A Room Away from the Wolves - Nova Ren Suma (September 4)

Nova Ren Suma writes gorgeous novels, and her latest promises to be a chilling ghost story. Bina is heading to New York City, where a place at Catherine House, a residence for young women, is waiting for her. The house is shrouded in mystery and whispers of magical secrets. When she finally arrives, she realizes that it’s a place where dreams and nightmares mingle, and she might never be able to actually leave.


Time’s Convert - Deborah Harkness (September 18)

If you’re a fan of A Discovery of Witches, you’ll definitely want to take note of the latest release in the All Souls universe. This book follows the story of Marcus, the son of Matthew de Clermont, jumping between past and present as it tells the story of how Marcus became a vampire. The present-day follows the love story of Phoebe and Marcus, but it also lets readers see Matthew and Diana, how they’re faring, and what new challenges they must face.


The Labyrinth of the Spirits - Carlos Ruiz Zafon (September 18)

This magical realism quartet has been over a decade in the making, starting with The Shadow of the Wind back in 2005. That gorgeous novel, set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, introduced us to the mysterious Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Now, Zafon is back with the last book in the quartet, The Labyrinth of the Spirits. This novel focuses on Alicia Gris, who is determined to solve one last case as an investigator for Spain’s secret police and finds clues in a rare book, hidden within the walls of the office of Spain’s Minister of Culture, who’s gone missing.


Give the Dark My Love - Beth Revis (September 25)

I’ve been a fan of Beth Revis’s since her spectacular Across the Universe trilogy; her latest book is dark, twisty, weird, and FANTASTIC. Nedra Brysstain might be from the country, but she is a talented alchemist and is excited to go to the best school on scholarship. She’s intent on finding a cure for the plague that has swept her country. But when her studies take her into dark places — ones that might turn everyone against her — will her new (attractive) friend Grey be able to save her from the dangers of necromancy?


The Sisters of the Winter Wood - Rena Rossner (September 25)

If you love dark fairy tale-esque books, then you absolutely should have your eye on The Sisters of the Winter Wood. Liba and Laya are sisters living on the edge of a dark, sinister forest that surrounds their village. When a new troupe comes to town, they’re delighted by this new source of entertainment. Laya is completely taken with them, though these men herald the arrival of dark forces. The sisters must draw from their own mysterious magical heritage to fight the evil that has found its way into their home.


For a Muse of Fire - Heidi Heilig (September 25)

This first book in a trilogy features Jetta, who has otherworldly skills, ones that have been forbidden by the colonial army. But Jetta’s family must make ends meet, so she uses her power — binding the souls of the recently dead to the puppets her family creates and puts on shows with — to create magical spectacles. But when her family’s talent reaches the ears of the royal family, Jetta must figure out how to protect herself, especially in the midst of rebellion.

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