9 indie short films that inspired sci-fi + horror blockbusters

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Feb 1, 2013

Short films have become a hot proving ground for filmmakers the past few years, though about 99 percent of those projects that get picked up rarely make it to the big screen as a full-length movie. But what about the lucky few that actually inspired a blockbuster?

Though, there are easily a dozen or more indie short films in active or stalled development at major studios right now, it’s pretty rare for one to actually get a green light. So to honor those filmmakers who managed to beat the odds, here are nine indie short films that went on to find modest or major success at the box office in a longer format.


The most recent example of an indie short rocking the big screen, this Guillermo Del Toro-produced horror flick started out as a short concept video in 2008. Del Toro found it so creepy, he hooked up with the creators to help make a full length version.