9 men we could get behind for the Nightwing movie

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Yesterday, it was announced that Chris McKay, director of the recent hit The LEGO Batman Movie, would be taking the helm of another DC Comics property. This time, though, he’d be dealing with real-life actors in a live-action Nightwing film, telling the story of Batman’s first protege, Dick Grayson.

Naturally, the question on everyone’s mind is who will don the black and blue spandex of the former Boy Wonder?

Of course, a big concern isn’t just whether they cast the right man for the job, but if that man has the right assets for the role. Dick Grayson has the most famous ass in comics, and while they could certainly cast this tree, a tomato or a wild mushroom to fill his formidable shorts, it would seem the character will probably need to be a flesh-and-blood person.

We all know how important it is that the movie adaptations stick close to the source material, which is why I think we need to cast this movie butt first. Here are just a few of the backsides (and the actors they’re attached to) who could jump into the role.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL is probably the name that most easily comes to mind when considering who to cast as Batman’s former sidekick. After all, he did play Officer Blake in The Dark Knight Rises, arguably a cross between Grayson and Tim Drake. He’s certainly the right physical type, and he’s got the personality to play the laid-back, more fun-loving version of the character. Maybe he -- and his butt -- could inject some levity into the dour DCEU.


Michael B. Jordan

I would cast Jordan in pretty much every role forever if I could. He’s taken on highly dramatic roles in films like Fruitvale Station, physical roles in things like Creed, and, of course, he’s already donned a form-fitting super suit in the recent Fantastic Four flop. He -- and his butt -- deserve better. And yes, I know. He’s already appearing in the upcoming Black Panther, and it’s unlikely anyone will be crossing the MCU/DCEU lines anytime soon. Let me have this one for just a few minutes more before spoiling my dreams.


Milo Ventimiglia

Gilmore Girls fans have had their eyes on Ventimiglia’s butt for a long time. His face too, but Jess was definitely the kind of character you didn’t mind watching walk away. It’s been a few years since the series went off the air, taking Jess’ butt with it, but if you’ve been watching NBC’s This Is Us this season you know it’s still well intact. You also know the man has the chops to take on a leading role. Couple that with his turn as Peter Patrelli in NBC’s Heroes and you’ve got an actor ready for a major breakout role in massive franchise.


Ryan Potter

The youngest actor on this list but also the only one with actual martial arts training. Potter dipped his toes into the world of superheroing by playing Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6. But the real reason he’s here? The above video he made himself to vie for the role as the third Robin, Tim Drake, in the upcoming The Batman. With no guarantee there’s any Tim Drake role to vie for, why not give the young actor a shot at a different Robin?


Danny Shepard

If the producers of the Nightwing movie are looking for a real unknown butt to cast, they’d make the internet very happy casting Danny Shepard’s. Shepard gathered himself a fan following by playing Dick Grayson in the popular Nightwing: The Series. We already know he looks good in the suit and can play a darker version of the character. Just takes a little Hollywood confidence.


Tyler Hoechlin

Sure, the Teen Wolf star has already joined the DC Universe by taking up Superman’s steel mantle on the CW’s Supergirl. In fact, it was how he wore that mantle - and Superman’s suit - that landed him on this list in the first place. Well, that and the fact that his two episode turn as the Man of Steel proved he’s got charisma to burn.


Justin Trudeau

Yes, he may be the Canadian Prime Minister, but in his short tenure in the job he has proven that he is the hero we all need. He filled his cabinet with more women and people of color than ever before, and he's committed Canada to taking in more and more refugees from Syria especially as the US has shown hostility toward them. He's also proved he's got the strength to withstand the tyrannical handshake of our own President. And thanks to a recent photo we've now seen him from a very different perspective, one that's got Nightwing written all over it.


Steven Strait

If you’re a fan of Syfy’s The Expanse, then you know exactly why Steven is on this list. Not only does he have the acting chops to pull off the young hero schtick, he’s also already played a superhero in Sky High. Plus, we know he looks good in a clingy jumpsuit and audiences were introduced to his Expanse character butt first.


Matt Bomer

A little older than I would generally go, but Bomer is just too perfect to pass up. Have you seen Magic Mike? For that matter, have you see his perfectly fitted suits on White Collar? He’s definitely got the look down to play Dick and he’s versatile enough to fit into whatever tone the DCEU lands on for this installment in the canon (dark, broody Dick? Fun, jokey Dick? He’s got you covered). Plus, it would be nice to see him back in an action role. Hasn’t done one of those since Chuck.

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