9 must-watch Legend of Korra episodes featuring Korra and Asami

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Apr 14, 2017, 2:00 PM EDT

Five years ago, on April 14, The Legend of Korra premiered and continued the story of the world fans first discovered in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show followed the exploits of Avatar Korra (the reincarnation of Aang) and gave us fun new characters to love and exciting new storylines to follow.

The show also broke ground with its diverse characters and exploration of subject matter you don’t often see in kids' programming, such as the main character taking the time to deal with the impact of a traumatic event. One of my favorite ways the show stood out was in its ultimate reveal of a LGBT relationship for Korra.

In the series finale, Korra and her friend Asami walk off together in a scene that shows the two are starting a romance. It made what fans referred to as Korrasami a reality and was confirmed by show creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Konietzko also confirmed that the two were indeed bisexual.

How often do we see positive bisexual heroines in children's media or even just media in general? Korra and Asami may not have kissed like Aang and Katara at the end of The Last Airbender, but their walk into the portal while holding hands was still an important step forward for representation.

Now Korrasami will continue in the upcoming comic The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, set to be released by Dark Horse Comics this summer. The comic will not only see Korra and Asami "relishing their new relationship" according to the description, but will also find them facing new trouble in Republic City.

With this continuation of the show approaching and the series celebrating its fifth anniversary, it felt like the perfect time to look back at Korra and Asami's journey in the series. Here are nine episodes fans should watch to relive the evolution of Korrasami in The Legend of Korra.


"The Voice in the Night" (Season 1)

Here's where it all started! Asami's path to meeting Korra began by quite literally running into Mako in this episode. Recognizing him as a member of the pro-bending team known as the Fire Ferrets, Asami offers to make it up to him by treating him to dinner. It's here that she learns their team can't participate in the championship because they don't have enough money for the pot. Luckily Asami can help, and her father offers to sponsor the team.

This all leads to Asami finally coming face-to-face with Korra when she's with Mako at a gala thrown in the Avatar's honor. While Asami tells Korra it’s lovely to meet her and that Mako told her so much about Korra, Korra's response isn't quite as polite! She responds that Mako has never mentioned Asami and asks how they met. It's clear from Korra's expression and stance that she's not thrilled with seeing Mako and Asami together. She has feelings for Mako and seeing the two so close here obviously makes her a bit jealous.

The conversation is not the friendliest of starts for Korra and Asami but it's the moment that starts them on the journey to becoming friends and much more.


"The Aftermath" (Season 1)

Knowing Mako and Bolin need a new place to live, "The Aftermath" starts with Korra thrilled to tell her friends they can live with her on Air Temple Island. Unfortunately, that feeling doesn't last long and she learns that Asami has already offered the brothers that chance to stay at her dad's mansion. A disappointed and annoyed Korra tries to leave right away when Asami appears and invites her to join them at the mansion the next day. Despite trying to come up with an excuse, she's eventually convinced.

At the mansion, Korra finds the others swimming and taking advantage of all the luxuries Asami's mansion has to offer! Korra's not quite as excited as her friends and is further disappointed when Asami says she has some excitement planned for the two of them. While Korra assumes this involves shopping and makeovers, Asami takes them to see where they test her family's Satomobiles instead and volunteers to take Korra for a spin. The experience changes Korra's mind about Asami and she apologizes for making assumptions about her.

This is really the start of Korra and Asami forming a real friendship. Things get a bit rocky later on in the episode though when Korra realizes Asami's father is working with the enemy, the Equalists, and no one believes her. It angers both Asami and Mako, who even goes so far as to accuse Korra of being jealous of him and Asami and threatening to end their friendship. Korra is right in the end, which devastates Asami, but both her and Mako realize what the Avatar did was right and they all move to Air Temple Island. The whole event solidifies the budding friendship that started between Korra and Asami with the Satomobile race, forming a solid foundation for it to grow and the two to trust each other.


"When Extremes Meet" (Season 1)

When Bolin, Mako and Asami move to Air Temple Island, Korra offers to show Asami to her room with the help of Tenzin's daughter Ikki. Along the way, to the Avatar's horror, Ikki casually asks Asami if she knows Korra likes Mako. This leads to a hilarious exchange where Asami answers no and Korra quickly ushers her away from Ikki. It really illustrates the awkwardness around the two of them and their feelings for Mako at this point. However, it doesn't get in the way of them continuing to work together.

It's here that when Korra is upset, Bolin, Mako and Asami stand by her side. Asami says Korra's amazing and Bolin proclaims the four of them the new Team Avatar as they bond and declare that they'll save Republic City together. They then patrol the city and do a good job of working together against the Equalists.

It's nice to see Asami remains confident in Korra here after everything that's happened and it's a great example of how they all work well together as a team.


"A Breath of Fresh Air" (Season 3)

Things are tense in this Season 3 premiere as Korra tries to figure out how to remove spirit vines from the city. It's during this troubled time that we start to see a much closer friendship forming between Korra and Asami. When Korra is unhappy with her low poll numbers and Asami tries to reassure her, it doesn't work too well as Korra admits she feels she should be able to make things right. However, it shows how supportive Asami is and how Korra feels she can be honest with her about how she feels.

Another great moment is after they speak to Mako, who acts awkward in front of his two ex-girlfriends. Asami takes Korra for a bit of a driving lesson, claiming it's relaxing ... but soon discovers it's not so relaxing with a beginner like Korra! It's a funny scene that turns a bit more serious when the two start discussing Mako and Korra wonders how long it might be like "pulling teeth" talking to him. The two are honest with each other about both of their relationships with him. Asami tells Korra she kissed Mako when Korra was gone and apologizes while Korra confesses she kissed him when Asami was going out with him. Korra eventually tells Asami she's glad that whatever happened with Mako it hasn't come between them and how she's never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to. Then their heartfelt conversation almost ends with them crashing into a vine!

It's an important moment where the two bond while having fun and being truthful about things. The conversation seems to strengthen their relationship as something separate from a connection to Mako. Without him, they're still friends.


"Long Live the Queen" (Season 3)

Korra and Asami find themselves captured and on the way to the Earth Queen in this episode. Luckily Asami knows the airship they're in was cheaply made and she manages to escape the railing she's chained to! Putting a plan into motion, she frees herself and Korra, but in their escape attempt they damage the ship and it crashes into the desert. It takes working together with the crew to repair it and for a creature to even more easily destroy all their hard work! The only way they can escape is by Asami constructing a sandsailer from the wreckage and Korra using her air bending to get them to the nearby city.

"Long Live the Queen" is a perfect episode for showing how much Korra and Asami are in sync as they work together now. As a duo they can accomplish anything they put their minds to and trust each other enough that they know they can get the job done.


"Venom of the Red Lotus" (Season 3)

Here in the Season 3 finale, Korra is captured along with some air benders and it's up to Team Avatar to come to the rescue. They free the airbenders and soon are trying to figure out how they can help Korra as she fights Zaheer. Korra almost loses but ultimately gains the upper hand with the airbenders' help. Unfortunately, she's poisoned ... and even though most of the poison is removed, that and the fight is an extremely traumatic experience for the Avatar.

When the episode flashes forward in time next, we see that Korra is still not recovered from the battle. She shares a quiet moment with Asami, who is preparing her for an appearance at a ceremony for Jinora becoming a master airbender. Korra seems depressed and unenthusiastic, leading to Asami stating that no one expects her to bounce back after just two weeks and that she needs time to heal. When Korra doesn't respond, Asami squeezes the Avatar's hand and lets Korra know she's there for her if she wants to talk or anything. It's only when she says they should try to enjoy the day for Jinora that Korra says okay.

This quiet discussion shows how close the two have become and is perhaps the first hint that Asami feels more for Korra than just friendship. Between the hand squeeze, offer to be there for anything and just how Asami is continually there for Korra when the two do finally go out in public, it's all extremely touching and displays a new level of intimacy in their relationship.


"Korra Alone" (Season 4)

"Korra Alone" shows us through a series of flashbacks what the Avatar has been up to since we last saw her. We see that when she initially leaves her friends Asami offers to go with her for company. Korra responds with a no and that she'll only be away for a few weeks, but we know that becomes much longer. As she tries to deal with her traumatic experience while away, we see how Korra and Asami remained close even despite the distance. Korra reads Asami's letter in which Asami writes that she misses her and updates her on news. She reads Mako and Bolin's letters as well, but only writes back eventually to Asami.

The Avatar admits she doesn't know what to say and that the past two years have been the hardest of her life. She tells Asami about not being able to go into the Avatar state and how she has flashbacks of her fight with Zaheer. Korra also asks Asami not to tell Mako and Bolin that she wrote to her, not wanting to hurt their feelings. While she feels she can tell Asami about all this, she doesn't think the other two would understand.

All of this shows how Korra feels she can be completely herself with Asami and let her in on her feelings in a way that she can't with Mako and Bolin.


"Reunion" (Season 4)

Korra returns to Republic City and meets up with everyone once again in this episode. You can tell things are different between Asami and Korra when they first see each other after so much time. They hug and when Asami compliments Korra's new haircut, the Avatar blushes and says Asami is looking "snazzy as always." This exchange was the first time it hit me that 'Korrasami' might actually become canon!

The two then join Mako and over the course of the conversation it's revealed that Asami and Korra kept in touch. Mako is surprised and asks what's going on between the two of them. Korra is honest about writing to Asami and asking her not to tell him, which makes Mako ask why she didn't write to him and Bolin. All Korra can say is that she didn't know what to say to them. From there, Asami tells Korra how she met with her father and when Korra wonders if that's a good idea, Asami gets angry and says Korra can't disappear for three years and then act like she knows what's best. There's tension between the three friends who are then thrust into an adventure and have to work together again after so many years. It's only after all of that is done that the three admit they might need to adjust to being back together and hug.

"Reunion" provides a fascinating look at how the dynamic between this group has changed over the intervening years, especially between Korra and Asami. They may have become closer on one level through their letters, but in person is another story. There's a lot they have to figure out and it's nice to see that here instead of the reunion being immediately like old times, which would have been unrealistic.


"The Last Stand" (Season 4)

Finally, it's in this episode where they do the thing, as Varrick would say! Korra saves Kuvira's life during their final fight, which opens a new portal to the Spirit World. After the two talk, they put an end to the fighting and Korra is reunited with her friends and family. We then see the wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li and everything seems a bit happier and optimistic as Korra speaks with Mako and Tenzin. Asami and Korra take a minute alone to talk and it leads to an enlightening conversation.

Korra apologizes for being away so long, but it's not necessary according to Asami. She's happy Korra’s there now and admits she probably couldn’t handle losing Korra and her father in the same day, to which Korra says she’s sorry and hugs her. It means a lot that Asami would equate the loss of her father to the potential loss of Korra, again revealing how their relationship has evolved so much from their first meeting. When Asami states after everything she can use a vacation, Korra comes up with the idea that the two of them should go on vacation together anywhere Asami wants. Deciding on the Spirit World, the episode closes with the two walking towards the new portal. They hold hands and then face each other as they walk through.

It's such a touching moment and spells out that the two are indeed starting a romantic relationship, even if they don't kiss like Aang and Katara did in the finale for The Last Airbender. The scene was an unforgettable way to end the series and the perfect culmination of the great relationship we saw grow between the two characters over four seasons.

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