Firefly Day: 9 reasons we miss Firefly

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Jul 7, 2017, 6:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Firefly has been off the air for nearly 15 years, which a) makes us feel old and b) makes us depressed but thank God you can purchase it and stream it and all that good stuff.

Also, did you know that April 24 is Firefly Day? Neither did we, so to celebrate we decided to list the 9 things we miss most about Firefly.


The Fashions

Firefly may have been all about cowboys in space, but it wasn't always guns and chaps. They had a few fashion-forward moments during their short run, and even made a few items famous. Case in point - Kaylee's dress.


Dastardly Villains

You can't be big damn heroes without encountering a few villains and the ones on Firefly were certainly colorful. From mysterious gloved agents to dangerous bounty hunters and even an accidental wife, the crew of the Serenity took on foes far and wide. And some of bad guys were actually sh**-your-parents terrifying. Remember the Reavers?


This clip alone is everything:


Creative Cursing

It's not a show set in space without a glimpse into our possible futures – and futuristic ways to curse without upsetting the censors. Firefly gave us a whole new vocabulary – and gave us all a reason to tell our friends we could speak Chinese.


Futuristic Food

Speaking of the future ... ever wonder what we might eat when we take to the stars? Turns out, it's not TOO much different. Lots of canned food, nutrition bars and weird things on sticks. I don't know why I miss this. I just do.


Men Being Men

Firefly was full of amazing characters, but what it really prioritized was offering up truly masculine role models.


Girls Being Girls

And, of course, demure, feminine ones for the fairer sex.


Quality Advice

Of course, while the humor may have gotten us hooked, what kept us coming back week after week were the messages. Weirdly this show was wiser than those One to Grow On PSAs.

Well, except this one:

Family and Friends

But what keeps us demanding more so many years later? Family. They may have come from different places with different stories and even sometimes different allegiances, but when things were at there worst, they had each other's backs. This is the final scene from the movie, Serenity (let's call it the 15th episode of Firefly), which gets the vibe down:


These Lines

No explanation needed.

What were your favorite parts about Firefly? Let us know in the comments below!

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