9 scary (and sometimes silly) shark props from movies and TV

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

The first sighting of Syfy's Monster Man—which will follow a famous prop-making family as it creates, well, monsters—will be this Wednesday at 10/9C. Don't confuse this family with other reality TV families, who create their monsters through abuse and raging addiction. These will be less metaphorical monsters, in the form of movie props.

This week's episode sees the family team up to make a horrifying monster shark. Since this is Syfy, we wouldn't be surprised if they also threw some tentacles or wings on there. To get us amped for the premiere, we netted nine classic shark models from film and television.

(And because this crew is working purely by hand, we're focusing on true prop sharks, not CGI ones. So don't get upset when you don't see Pterodactyl Shark-Squid or whatever.)