9 things from the Wonder Woman trailer we're obsessed with

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Jul 8, 2017, 9:15 PM EDT (Updated)

As I write this, I’m still in a state of disbelief that we’re actually getting a Wonder Woman movie. But manna from Heaven has rained down on us today, as the first  Wonder Woman trailer made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con. Here are the 9 things we can’t stop thinking about.




The Colors

Diana’s costume in Batman vs. Superman was notably muted and battle scared. This movie takes place in 1917, when Diana arrives in Man’s world for the first time, so we get a costume in all its red, blue and yellow glory. Not only the costume, but the MOVIE looks more vibrant and colorful than we've seen from the DC cinematic universe. 


The Amazons in Battle

We only see them briefly in battle, but the first shot is a backwards sideways super leap over a WWI soldier. It appears that the battle ground is Themyscira, the Amazons' home (also known as Paradise Island). Clearly home court advantage didn't occur to the Central Powers. We get some quick glimpses of Robin Wright as Antiope, Diana’s aunt, leading a charge.



Speaking of, the first shot - of the key WW moment where Diana finds Steve Trevor on the beach - has now been made iconic. They really found paradise.


Diana Using Her Shield as a Slide

That bit alone deserves an award, but it’s clear the action scenes have a movement and a choreography that will honor the character’s origins as a warrior. 



Etta Candy

Gal Gadot steals the trailer, but Wonder Woman’s longtime friend gets the laughs. DC has, rightly so, gotten a lot of flack for humorlessness in their films. It’s nice to see Wonder Woman will have a lighter touch.


The Lasso

We only got a split second view of it in action during B vs S but WOW does the lasso look great - and is surprisingly effective as an offensive weapon. And it glows! Actually it looks like someone took a yellow highlighter over it. Except way better and more expensive.



Is Zeus Diana's Dad?

Diana mentions she as brought to life by Zeus. So does that mean her classic origin of being formed from clay holds, or that her mom actually knocked boots with Zeus (as it was revised for the New 52 relaunch). Diana’s trying to figure it out in the comics, so maybe we’ll find out when she does.


Creepy Lady with the Mask

Who is this woman?


Who’s the Big Villain?

That’s the burning question. Is it just evil soldiers, presumably lead by some mean general (although if it was Baroness Paula Von Gunther we’d officially enter a coma)? Or are DC and Warner Brothers holding back a big baddie - rumored to be Ares, the God of War - for another trailer? We’ve got 11 months, so let’s revel in the mystery for now.

What moments, scenes or questions from the trailer made an impression with you? Who do you think is the big villain? Share below, please!


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