91-year-old grandma turns superhero to battle depression

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Dec 14, 2012

91-year-old Hungarian grandmother (and real-life hero) Frederika Goldberger was depressed and lonely. So her photographer grandson found a unique way to turn that around. Why not make her outside match her inside, by dressing her up like a superhero and taking tons of awesome photos of her in action?

Sacha Goldberger's grandmother survived Nazism and Communism and even saved the lives of 10 people during World War II. When he saw how down she was a few years ago, he suggested she dress up as a superhero and allow him to take pictures of her in crazy situations, which she reluctantly agreed to do.

But that reluctance—and her depression—soon faded, as she became a MySpace hit.

Check out our favorites of her pics below. Could YOU be depressed dressed like that?

(via mymodernmet)

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