9 awesome sci-fi Kickstarter projects waiting for your support

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Dec 17, 2012

A few months ago we brought you a list of cool Kickstarter projects we thought you might be interested in funding, but one of the many cool things about Kickstarter is that new projects are popping up all the time. So if you missed the last round, here are nine more sci-fi centric projects just waiting for your crowdfunding.

The projects are arranged in order of how many funding days they have left, with the ones that will expire soonest first. They range from comic book projects to videogames to feature films. Have a look around and consider throwing a few bucks out in support of DIY creators.

Dust (5 Days)

In a world where much of humanity has retreated from nature and into walled cities, one man must reluctantly venture out into the wilderness to find a cure to a mysterious plague caused by an unknown dust. From what we've seen of this project so far, it's got great design and stunning visuals. With a little help, we'll all get to see the rest.

Honor Brigade: SPACE FIGHT! (10 Days)

Aliens have invaded Chicago, and it's up to the Honor Brigade to stop them. Why do we need another superhero comic in the world? Well, for one, can you ever have enough superhero books? And for another, this promises to be a comic that the 5-year-old in your life can enjoy just as much as you.

Live Long and Poster (11 Days)

Tracie Ching designs awesome sci-fi posters. Now she wants to make silk screen prints and take them from her brain to your wall. Sound like fun to us.

The Oakland wants your blood money! Evil Dead: The Musical

Some cool people at the Oakland Center for the Arts are performing Evil Dead: The Musical, and they're looking for a little extra cash to make the production extra awesome. Sounds like a worthy cause. Right, Deadites?

The Book of Joe (14 Days)

"Jesus gets shot in the face" is among the many claims to awesome that this project has. A group of Austin filmmakers are trying to get this part-sci-fi, part-apocalyptic short film off the ground, and they need a little leg up. It sounds like too much fun to pass over.

Grim Dawn (18 Days to Go)

A former Titan Quest designer and his merry band of game friends are putting together an old-school adventure RPG with a few nifty new features and lots and lots of ambition. Plus, who doesn't love killing monsters?

Tomorrow Jones (20 Days)

Kid superhero stories are nothing new, but here's the story of a kid superhero who refuses to dress up in the tight spandex of her parents, and instead insists on fighting crime in a T-shirt and jeans, all the while trying to live the normal life of a teenager. The concept is intriguing, the art looks good, and we want to see more.

Fairy Quest (25 Days)

Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Jenkins and Eisner Award-nominated artist Humberto Ramos come together for this comics project, which places fairy-tale characters all side by side in a fictional world, but there's a catch. They must all remember their fairy-tale stories exactly, or their memories are erased. Great creators, a new twist on an old concept and killer Ramos art. We're sold.

Darth Across America (38 Days)

Photographer Julie Schuchard is on a mission: to travel America with a camera and a Darth Vader helmet for a geektastic portrait series that conveys both America's fascination with the Star Wars franchise and the pop-culture phenomena that unite us every day, whether we know it or not.