10,000 Lego pieces + 9 months = 1 awesome remote-controlled Sandcrawler

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Dec 14, 2012

Take 10,000 LEGO pieces. Add some motors, batteries and LEDs. Mix it with nine months of build time and the strategy of an evil genius. Voila! You have a Sandcrawler that still couldn't be as awesome as the one built by MarshalBanana83.

MarshalBanana83 didn't just snap LEGO pieces together. He designed a working Sandcrawler, albeit on a much smaller scale. (It's a little more than three feet long.) You may ask, "What do you mean when you say 'working Sandcrawler?'" Two words for you: conveyor belt.

Even his video is impressive, as you can see for yourselves below. Our only quibble is that we didn't get to see enough of the interior. We can only imagine it has its own moisture vaporators.

If the Jawas really had access to this guy's planning ability, they would have wiped the Hutts, Sandpeople and humans off of Tattooine.

Check it out:

(via Kotaku)

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