See 9 awesome new (but spoilery) Doctor Who Xmas pics

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Dec 16, 2012

Doctor Who's eagerly anticipated Christmas special ''The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe'' is less than a week away (Sunday can't come soon enough for us!), and we've got nine awesome new—and mildly spoilery— pics to share with you.

Once again, our beloved Mad Man in a Blue Box (aka the Doctor, played by Matt Smith) finds himself in a Christmassy bind, this time with the Arwell family, because of a strange Blue Box with a white bow found under the Christmas tree.

LMAO: The first pic in our gallery makes it suspiciously look like Madge is about to give birth in some sort of nativity-scene thingy—which we're pretty sure she's NOT—with the Doctor on the ''receiving'' end. Did give us a good laugh, though.

And Houston, we have a problem: The Doctor's sonic screwdriver ''doesn't do wood,'' remember? That doesn't bode well for him ...

It's Christmas Eve, 1938, when Madge Arwell comes to the aid of an injured Spaceman Angel as she cycles home, in this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, starring Matt Smith as the Doctor.

(BBC Doctor Who via Simply TV)

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