9 new superhero toys that may be better than the movies

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Come this May, superheroes are going to be stepping all over each other on the big screen as Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class are all released in the brief span of three months. We've all seen their trailers and movie posters, and while some are more successful than others, let's face it—so far none have generated the kind of heat that comes with a new installment of The Dark Knight or even the Iron Man movie.

However, the toy manufacturers are pumping these movies big-time at this week's American International Toy Fair in New York City, and much to our surprise, there are some tie-in toys that actually amped up our buzz-o-meters for these superhero movies, especially Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern. (Note: X-Men: First Class had some items on the floor, but they weren't available for photography pending likeness approvals.)

Mattel Sound and FX Green Lantern

Probably the most impressive sculpt and design of any reasonably priced superhero action figure at the show, Matty Collector totally aced the likeness of actor Ryan Reynolds for its 12-inch Green Lantern figure. But that's not even the half of it. When you wave the Lantern's ring in front of his body, his suit lights up from within and cycles and Reynold's voice recites his oath. When a toy makes me more excited than the trailer, you've done something right, Mattel. Available in the late spring.

Hasbro 10-Inch Electronic Thor

Mighty Thor gets a mighty action figure that's mighty loud, too. This nicely sculpted figure features Thor in his movie costume and a wired speaker that broadcasts his thundering cries from the film and sound effects for his hammer and sword. FYI, Chris Hemsworth doesn't provide the voice. Available in the spring for $19.99.

Hasbro Captain America Shield

Exactly how effectively Chris Evans springs into Cap action in the new film remains to be seen, but this Captain America shield absolutely inspires us to launch into battle. Not only does it deflect evil, but it can also stealthily shoot five flat foam discs at your enemies. Sold. Available in the spring for $19.99.

Funko Marvel Urban Vinyl Pops!

We like variations on a theme, and in addition to these minimalist versions of the Marvel heroes, there's not only a sweet Green Lantern but a Joker that's fantastic, too.

Jakk's Thor muscle costume

The likelihood of anyone capturing the epic physique of Thor in real life is slim to none, but now we can at least cheat to get somewhat close to his perfection. Jakk's new muscle-padded Thor costume, inspired by the design of the film, gives you instant pecs, abs and bulk, all in one easy slip-on suit. Available before the fall for $59.99.

Mezco Hal Jordan and Sinestro Designer Vinyl

These 6-inch designer vinyl variations of Hal Jordan and his uber-enemy Sinestro are exactly the kinds of collectibles we can imagine keeping us company in our cubicle. They also sport exactly the same sneer that we do before we've had our first coffee of the day. Available this spring.

DST Captain America and Red Skull Minimates

Marvel is keeping a lid on revealing too much of Captain America's foe, Red Skull, from the movie, but you get the gist of what he's going to look like—albeit in a mini scale—with DST's popular Minimates line. They're doing a line of figures for all of the film characters, and they certainly give us a tingle of anticipation for what's to come. Available in the summer.

Mattel Green Lantern Colossal Cannon

If you're not a Green Lantern fan, then all you may know about the guy is that he wears a green suit and has a ring. But Lantern fans know he's much more than that—plus he has a cannon. Mattel is re-creating weapon as the Colossal Cannon, which shoots 10 power discs with a rotating Gatling-gun-style barrel. A Gatling gun! Why isn't that in the trailer? Can't wait to get our hands on one and see it in action. Available in the spring.

DST Thor and Loki figures with Sword of Asgard

These 7-inch scale figures are sculpted to look like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, but more importantly, when you buy each of them individually, you get the separate elements to put together the Armor of Asgard sword. No only is the accessory a nice add-on, but it helps tie together the two brothers and creates some investment in the mythology that's the backbone of the film. Available in April 2011.

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