Sweet/Vicious axed by MTV and it's a damn shame

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May 1, 2017, 11:42 PM EDT (Updated)

MTV has decided to pull the plug on their freshman drama Sweet/Vicious, despite an active fan campaign urging the network to renew the show.

Creator Jenn Kaytin Robinson made the announcement on Twitter earlier today, breaking the news to the show's fans with a heartfelt message of thanks...

Sweet/Vicious, which debuted on the cable network​ last year, followed two college students as they took vigilante justice on those members of their student body who were accused of sexual assault. The show garnered much critical praise for its depiction of an issue that has come to the forefront of American culture and debate, as sexual assaults on college campuses reached epidemic proportions and response to the issue -- and prosecution of perpetrators -- has been desperately lacking.

We discussed the show's merits earlier this year, pointing out the importance of a cable show aimed at teens and young adults that tackles difficult issues in a heartfelt, earnest, and hilarious way. The cancellation of such a beautiful, well crafted, and -- I cannot say this enough -- important show, only serves to frustrate fans who scour the endless channels searching for content brave enough to tell difficult stories.

While the show has been cancelled, Robinson remains hopeful that Sweet/Vicious may live on.

“Whatever happens with Sweet/Vicious, we are actively going to try and find another home for it,” Robinson said in a statement to EW. “We as a creative team and the actors, we all stand by the show. We love the show. As disappointing as this decision is, we’re always going to tell these stories and we’re always going to fight. We hope that no one takes this decision [to mean] their story doesn’t matter, because that’s just simply not true.”

Fans have echoed Robinson's desire to continue the series somewhere else, urging Neflix and other networks to give the show a second chance.

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