Make room for Sideshow's imposing new Thanos on Throne maquette

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Mar 22, 2017

Thanos on Throne, a humongous new 1/4-scale premium sculpture from Sideshow is destined to rule over your entire collection of geeky Marvel figures.

The magnificent fully-sculpted Mad Titan maquette was revealed during a live Facebook event today, and the immense awesomeness of this ultra-deluxe collectors' statue is difficult to contain. It's one of the most ambitious offerings Sideshow has ever produced, and the striking authenticity and detail captured by the design team are truly remarkable. Only more astounding is the rumored $1,200 price tag attached to this hulking, Infinity Gauntlet-wearing demigod, which tips the scales at nearly 35 pounds.

It's available for pre-order soon, but watch this live-streamed presentation video and BTS making-of featurette below and tell us if you'll get a second job to pay for this beast.  Cut to 26:48 for the Thanos on Throne reveal!

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