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Listen up! Check out 2 exclusive tracks from the upcoming The 100 Season 5 soundtrack

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Aug 23, 2018

The season may have just ended, but fear not, The 100 fans: There is new content on the horizon. This Friday, the Season 5 original soundtrack, composed by Tree Adams, will be released. Can't wait until Friday? We have two exclusive tracks for you to enjoy.

“Jason Rothenberg's vision for Season 5 was once again dark and epic in scope, presenting many exciting challenges from the compositional perspective,” said Adams in a press release. "The genre of science fiction often inherently allows a composer a great deal of creative latitude. This has certainly been the case for me with The 100. It has been a wonderful challenge, a joy, and an honor to inhabit this world and to accompany this tale with music.”

The 100 follows a group of 100 settlers who return from space to a post-apocalyptic Earth in an attempt to resettle the planet. Season 5 of The 100 starts six years after the nuclear meltdown in Season 4. A battle takes place for the last valley of livable land on Earth. As the season ends, the valley is destroyed, and the survivors must start life anew on another planet.

"The music [Tree] composes builds worlds and elevates every scene, creating the perfect atmosphere and tension," says series executive producer Jason Rothenberg in a release. "The guy is a musical storyteller, who elevates and helps define what The 100 is.”

In addition to The 100, Tree Adams has composed for dozens of television shows, including NCIS: New Orleans, Lethal Weapon, Californication, and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. He is also the author of a six-issue graphic novel called Duskriders, which was released digitally with a soundtrack. 

The 100 Season 5 original soundtrack is available on Aug. 24 from Watertower Music.

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