Stunning Star Wars sculpture shows the fate of abandoned AT-ATs

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Dec 17, 2012

Somewhere on the ice plains of Hoth rests a derelict battle wagon just like this incredible 1/32 scale model. Unwanted. Unloved. Unlubed. Makes you want to go give your dirty car a good wash and wax, doesn't it?

You can almost smell the leaking fuel and decay in this radically detailed AT-AT model by Greek artist Dimitri Kalividis.

Kalividis created the gritty model-diorama of the famous lumbering AT-AT for an online contest at and was the winning entry. Duh! The concept he came up with was for the refugee machine to be twice abandoned ... first by the Empire and then by the natives. It was eventually sold to a private collector in Texas.

(Dimitri Kalividis via Geek Tyrant)