The Walking Dead Daryl, Norman Reedus

A blood-splattered Norman Reedus presents a list of the most-liked unproduced horror & sci-fi scripts of the year

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Oct 24, 2018, 2:23 PM EDT

A site dedicated to shining light on the best unproduced genre scripts out there has released its annual list of the most liked horror, thriller, sci-fi, and dark comedy scripts and pilots of the year. And who better to announce the 10th annual edition of this list than The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus?

The BloodList was created in 2009 by Kailey Marsh, a literary manager and producer at Brillstein Entertainment Partners, to bring attention to unproduced dark genre screenplays and pilots in circulation. A calendar year for a script to be considered runs from October 31 to the following October 31, with the list announced around Halloween each year. Only executives currently working in the film industry can vote on the list. 

As Reedus explains in the video announcing the list, the scripts on BloodList X “have been voted on by 70 executives in both the film and televises industry.” We also love that Reedus’ face is inexplicably yet appropriately specked with fake blood in the video. See for yourself: 


Scripts include Robert Zappia’s The Devil’s Flame, The Broodmare by Michael Voyer and Get Home Safe by Christy Hall. Some of these scripts are available, while some have been optioned and some have producers attached. Previous entrants on the annual list include Black Swan, House at the End of the Street, Shut In and Leatherface. So, many of these scripts don't stay in limbo for too long. 

BloodList X, complete with credits, loglines and statuses, is available online, and can also be downloaded as a PDF. You can also see some of the previous lists on the site as well.