A BSG colonies star map? So say we all!

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Jan 28, 2011

If you're a Battlestar Galactica fan, then here's something you'll need to navigate the colonies: a star map of the Colonial systems created by BSG writer and co-executive producer Jane Espenson and science advisor Kevin Grazier!

OOOoooo, can I get a "frak yeah!" from the flight deck?

That's pretty cool. And given that Kevin has a degree in astrophysics and works on the Cassini Saturn probe, one assumes he knows his stuff. Heck, I know he does: we've been friends for a few years now. The link above goes to the sci-fi blog io9 which has an interview with Kevin and Jane about the map, too. And if you like it, you can order a 27" x 29" poster of it from Quantum Mechanix.

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