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A bunch of Star Wars books will fill in the gaps of Han's life in the run-up to Solo

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Dec 17, 2018, 8:00 PM EST (Updated)

Han's last name is Solo, but he won't be going it alone in the run-up to and release of Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story. Entertainment Weekly reports that more than 20 tie-in comics and novels from Lucasfilm Publishing will fill in the gaps that the movie doesn't have time for and focus on Han, Lando, Chewie, and Qi'ra.

This isn't the first time Lucasfilm has created auxiliary reading material to the Star Wars franchise. For instance, before The Last Jedi hit theaters, a limited Captain Phasma series by Kelly Thompson explained how the First Order member escaped the trash compactor she was placed in during The Force Awakens. There have been Han Solo comics in the past, but they focused on his time spent with the Galactic Rebellion and participation in the competitive Dragon Void space race. 

The upcoming comics and books will focus on the young Han before the events of Solo as well as those preceeding A New Hope. One of them, Last Shot by Daniel José Older (Shadowshaper), takes place in three different time periods in the lives of Han and Lando. According to Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain, we'll meet Lando's droid companion L3-37 and Han's supposed ex-wife Sana Starros. 

Most Wanted by young adult author Rae Carson features an even younger Han and Qi'ra during their teens. “We’ll see what it was like for these two kids from Corellia to survive the seedy streets of this industrial world," said Siglain. "They’re definitely products of their environment, and this story shows that.” 

A five-issue miniseries from Marvel titled Lando: Double or Nothing takes place right before the spinoff movie and makes Lando and L3 the main characters. Since the comic from Rodney Barnes (a former Boondocks writer) is so closely tied to Solo, it will debut the Wednesday after the film opens. 

A three-part young Solo story at IDW publishing is being written by Cavan Scott (Star Wars: The Escape). The first issue will be released under the Star Wars: Adventure on Free Comic Book Day (May 5). The three issues find Han and Chewie chased by a bounty hunter, and when a planet causes the Falcon to power down, they're up Dagobah's swamp without a paddle. 

Interestingly, one book turns a train heist from the film into a story for kids. They'll be attempting to rob the Conveyex on a precarious and snowy mountain track. According to Siglain, Solo: Train Heist “gives kids a piece of the film to take home with them." Another children's book called Meet the Crew introduces readers to the movie's characters. There's even one of those old-school sound books with the built-in push panel. 

As Lucasfilm did for The Last Jedi, an art book and official guide are set for release. The latter will be like the Visual Dictionary, which had all kinds of exclusive explanations and goodies about Episode VIII. “This gives you insight into the characters, and the props, vehicles, and tech that you see in the film. And it’s written by [Lucasfilm story group member] Pablo Hidalgo, so we have it on good authority that all of this is correct," Siglain said. 

For the full list of comics, novels, and kids' books that tie into Solo: A Star Wars Story, click HERE.