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A complete guide to Black Friday 2018 deals on nerdy toys, video games, and merch

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Nov 22, 2018, 12:00 PM EST (Updated)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and time with friends and family, because on Friday, you'll be on a deadly serious mission.

Being a geek is more expensive than ever thanks to the proliferation of nerd media, collectibles, and other merchandise. There are more video game systems, more comic book companies, more TV networks, and more toy manufacturers than at any point in history, and they all make stuff that you want. Black Friday kicks off the shopping season, and if you're truly committed, you will be out there before the first ray of sunlight even cracks through the pitch-black dead of night, hitting up every retailer you can.

The whole thing can get pretty overwhelming — and expensive. So to help you focus your shopping and save time and money, we've rolled out a detailed series of buyer guides, pegged to both retailers and different kinds of products. Here we've gathered them all in one place to make your shopping that much easier.

The very best Black Friday deals:

Here's our list of the 15 hottest deals on video games, toys, media, and merch.

Black Friday deals at each major retailer:

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Black Friday deals broken down by products:

Video games (consoles, bundles, and individual games)

Toys and collectibles

2018 Gifts for Geeks