A familiar Wynonna Earp face showed up on last night's Star Trek: Discovery

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Oct 30, 2017, 3:03 PM EDT

It's always fun when TV worlds collide - even moreso when it involves two of our favorite shows here on SYFY Fangrrls. 

Last night's Star Trek: Discovery used the story device of a time loop to lead to some of the show's most emotional and surprising storylines (including a growing romance between Michael Burnham and Lt. Ash Tyler), but it also involved the return of a character many Star Trek fans are familiar with from the original series: Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson).

While Mudd has frequently referenced his longtime love Stella over the course of his two episodes on the series, we'd never been introduced to her in person - until now. And, coincidentally, she's played by a very familiar face on Wynonna Earp: it's Kat Barrell, who plays Officer Nicole Haught (and makes up one-half of our favorite ship)!


Anyway, as we quickly discover when Stella and her father show up: it turns out Mudd hasn't been trying to get back to his lady love; he's been on the run from her after promising to marry her and then stealing her dowry. But Stella doesn't have a problem with Mudd's sleazy past, and both she and daddy dearest escort Mudd off the Discovery and thereby prevent him from causing any more trouble... for now.

Barrell's guest appearance was definitely an unexpected surprise for Wynonna Earp fans, and while it doesn't look like she'll be popping up again on Discovery in the near future it was a lot of fun to see her officially joining the Trek universe.

As a big WayHaught shipper, it was very odd to see someone who looks like Nicole locking lips with a dude - but after this episode of Star Trek: Discovery, maybe we can coin a new name for her character: SpaceHaught.

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