A giant sea monster and an old frenemy returns to save Constantine in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The brave band of heroes heads back to Tokyo circa 1951 to solve an anomaly involving a giant sea monster, while Ray tracks down Nora Darhk in a Hail Mary attempt to save Constantine. Oh, and Rory finishes his novel — because this show is the best kinds of wacky.

Spoilers ahead for “Tagumo Attacks,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Nov. 19, 2018.

The A story this week had a split team of Legends heading back to the 1950s to figure out why Tokyo gets destroyed by a giant sea beast, and surprisingly, the beast isn’t actually the magical anomaly. Instead, it’s a magic book that allows an artist to literally bring their story to life. The only problem is that it’s bonded with a Hiroshima survivor-turned-director who accidentally uses it to manifest the aforementioned sea beast. Like many Legends episodes before it, this story really does flirt with an interesting idea without actually exploring it. Bringing our dreams to life can be a gift or a curse, and as Sara tells the filmmaker, it’s not his fault for processing his grief as a sea monster. He needed something to channel that fear and pain into — so Tagumo was born.

Funnily enough, Rory saves the day by using the magic notebook to channel his own inner storyteller, which takes the form of a three-breasted (Total Recall-style) warrior hero who slays the creature. Yes, it’s a big heaping of silly tossed on top of a potentially poignant bit of storytelling, but that’s Legends in a nutshell.

Ray gets his own side mission this week, tracking down Nora in the hopes that she can use her magical skills to save a near-death Constantine. We don’t know exactly what Constantine is dealing with, but whatever it is, it’s likely coming to kill him at some point. But Nora decides to tap into her inner-magic to help revive him, and in doing so realizes she can use her powers for good instead of evil. The writers seem intent on keeping this character around and giving her a redemption arc, but here’s hoping they keep it compelling. Ray’s puppy love crush can only keep that story moving so far.

We also get a Thanksgiving-themed side story, as Nate has to bail on his family Thanksgiving to help Gary catch some rogue anomalies back at the Time Bureau office. It makes for a fun diversion, but also moves the story along, with Ava finally getting her funding approved to amp up the Time Bureau’s mission.

Assorted musings


Gary is totally rocking that game on the food delivery girl. You go, brother.

Nate and Gary continue to be a really fun match-up, and though the show is missing the dynamic of having Nate on the Waverider with the rest of the Legends, it really has given the story some room to breathe by connecting other characters while using Nate as a window into the Time Bureau. So long as it stays nimble, that story is working well.

In a redemptive twist, Nora decides to turn herself in to the Time Bureau to try and really make amends with the damage she’s done in her old life. We can’t imagine it’ll be too long until she’s tapped to help out with some future cases.

Looks like we have Rory to thank for Godzilla. Well played, sir.

Turns out Nate’s dad is kinda shady, and we overheard a phone call with him launching “Project Hades” to try and control the magical creatures being captured. Got to think that’s not going to end well.

Next week: Nate’s dad audits the Legends. That should be fun.