A guy was arrested after getting into a fight over whether Star Trek or Star Wars is cooler

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Jul 7, 2017, 2:44 PM EDT

It’s not uncommon for fans to argue the age old Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. Hey, they're both really cool! But those exchanges usually don’t end with assault charges. Until now.

Fox 25 reports 23-year-old Jerome Dewayne Whyte was arrested on July 1 in Oklahoma City and charged with assault and battery, as well as possession of marijuana. The reason? He got into a fight with another dude about whether Star Trek or Star Wars was cooler, and it ended with him allegedly shoving the guy to the ground and choking him until he was nearly unconscious. Thankfully, no one was apparently permanently injured.

Sadly, the report doesn’t make clear whether or not Whyte was fighting for Star Trek or Star Wars. Though, c’mon — this definitely sounds like a guy who would shoot first, right?


(Via Fox 25)