"A is for Ackbar" + 25 more amusing ABCs of Geek Pop Culture art project

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Artist Otis Frampton displays a wicked sense of humor in his "ABCDEFGEEK" Volume 1 series, revealing the dark underbelly lurking just below the nerdy surface of our most beloved sci-fi, fantasy and horror films.  With sly nods to cannibal Ewoks, an abused Alderaan princess, a blubbering Firefly-freak baby, dispensible redshirts and even Spidey's undead Uncle Ben, this educational tool teaches us our alphabet with slashing humor, esoteric pop culture references and dry sarcasm.  See if you get all the in-jokes as you power through from A to Z using scenes and snippets snagged from Star Wars, Predator, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and many more.  Stay tuned to his site for prints, posters and books to come.

Study up and admit it, you always knew those furry Ewoks had a taste for human flesh!

(Via Geek Tyrant)