A long-dormant Avenger is back in the Marvel Universe thanks to mutant science

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May 16, 2017, 5:40 PM EDT

Leave it to Deadpool. The Merc With a Mouth can make any ordinary situation an ordeal, so what happened when he kisses fellow mutant Rogue?

For those of you who haven’t read last week’s Uncanny Avengers #23, the swan song for the creative team of writer Gerry Duggan and artist Pepe Larraz, the following will be full of spoilers. So turn away unless you want to know about the return of a longtime-favorite Avenger.

Before we get to that, let's rewind just a little bit and discuss how Rogue and Deadpool were brought together. In fact, let's go way back to Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 #1, where Charles Xavier's telepathic powers were stolen by the Red Skull. Four years later, in Uncanny Avengers #22, Rogue and Deadpool, as members of the Avengers Unity Squad defeated the Red Skull in an epic battle that included Rogue being mind-controlled and beating up her teammates. Skull was delivered to Hank McCoy, aka The Beast, to extract Xavier's brain, as ordered by Captain America, Steve Rogers. He claims to want the brain out of the battlefield, when in fact we are talking about Hydra Cap, who wants to weaponize Xavier's brain for himself.

Unity Squad breaks open the spirits and celebrates, cueing Deadpool to sneak off, away from the party, but is followed by Rogue, who still feels guilty for pummeling Deadpool. After an awkward exchange, she drags him up into the sky and plants a big kiss. Maybe she's taken by his long devotion to Unity Squad's missions and her leadership, including working with other evil mutants, Toad and Sebastian Shaw to try and find a cure for the M-Pox disease. But their physical "unity" meant the surprise appearance of another, breaking up the romantic moment.

Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, has long been trapped inside Rogue’s body, but he ceased to have a physical form. After a battle with the Celestial Executioner, Rogue absorbed many of her fellow heroes, including Wonder Man completely and he was originally a being of pure energy to begin with, so when she absorbed him her body and psyche has had all of him woven into her, thus making her even more powerful than before. Deadpool's mutant ability of regeneration when in contact with Rogue triggered Wonder Man to separate from Rogue once and for all and manifest back into his physical form.

Here to explain it better is that loveable blue furball, the Beast:


Anyway, that The Beast and Wonder Man having a reunion should be no small coincidence given that their team-ups were among the best in the 1970s when Avengers was written by Jim Shooter and later David Michelinie and drawn by John Byrne. The two would have idealistic and philosophical conversations in the pages of the Avengers and and even drunken walks of shame. Years later the two would even get their own mini-series as a spinoff of the Kurt Busiek era of the Avengers, written by Roger Stern and art by Mark Bagley. 

Unfortunately for Simon, when he was inhabiting Rogue's body and funds were low for the Avengers of every coast, including the Unity Squad. It was mainly Deadpool who tapped out all of the money he made from being an actor, because he thought he wouldn't have to see him again.  


So with no money in his pocket and no real purpose, Wonder Man is in limbo as far as his next move. But Marvel wouldn't have brought  him back into the fold without a plan. Jim Zub will replace Duggan as Uncanny Avengers writer and new regular artist Aaron Kim Jacinto will join him. Will they use Wonder Man? He has never been a good fit for the Avengers throughout the years, and with Hydra Cap running around throwing orders around, it's doubtful that he'll stick around for long. The Beast was one of the few calming voices for Wonder Man when both were members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes; then again, there's also this big event that you might have heard about, called Secret Empire.

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