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A masked Mark Ruffalo grabs photos and hugs with Aquaman's Jason Momoa at NYCC

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Oct 7, 2018, 3:05 PM EDT

There was a new superhero team up at New York Comic Con. But it wasn't in one of the new trailers that debuted at the festival or any new comic series announced at a panel. Instead, Jason Momoa — who was there to promote Aquaman and its new, sweeping trailer — surprised fans by posing for photos with none other than a disguised Mark Ruffalo.

Ruffalo joined the tradition of actors who have wandered a convention floor in a mask to help them remain anonymous. In this case, the Avengers actor was dressed up as Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls, complete with a mask and a fez. The DC and Marvel actors didn't end up fighting, but hugging. Still though, it was probably best not to make them angry.

Check out the heartwarming team up for yourself, courtesy of Momoa's Instagram:

Momoa's solo outing as Aquaman hits theaters Dec. 21. Ruffalo will be in the upcoming, still untitled, fourth Avengers film due out next year.

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