Black Mirror Nosedive

A new Black Mirror-inspired board game will let you rate your friends in real life

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Nov 16, 2018, 11:47 AM EST

Black Mirror is a show that takes our reliance on and obsession with technology and twists it to some rather demented futuristic extremes, but we can usually still see what real-life phenomenon the episode was inspired by. Now the tables are turning, and a Black Mirror story is inspiring real life. 

The 2016 episode "Nosedive" depicts a world in which peple are constantly rating social interactions with each other through their phones. If you have a nice interaction with someone at a restaurant or in the park, you give them a high rating; if things aren't so pleasant, the rating gets lower. Those ratings all combine to give every person a social score that's then used to determine various aspects of their social status, and a few bad ratings can change your life forever. As usual with Black Mirror, the story starts by setting this up as a strange status quo, then descends into a nightmare.

Now, you can bring the nightmare home with "Nosedive," a new officially licensed Black Mirror board game by Asmodee. The game, which combines a tabletop setup with a mobile app, lets you collect "Lifestyle Cards" and rate your friends as they rate you, setting your social score on your way to the "perfect" life. The game is described as offering "light social and strategic gameplay," so you're not supposed to take this too seriously. Rating your friends can get a little dodgy even if you're all in on the joke, though, so be careful. The game is suitable for 3-6 players, and is on sale at Target this month

Black Mirror Nosedive game

So, if you're feeling a little playful this holiday season, "Nosedive" could make the perfect gift, and if you're feeling extra playful, try playing it with your family after dinner. See how ruthless grandma really is.