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A newly discovered dinosaur in Brazil was just named after Marvel's Thanos

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Nov 27, 2018, 10:59 AM EST

A newly discovered dinosaur in Brazil has been named after the Marvel supervillain Thanos, thus securing another jewel in the Mad Titan's gauntlet.

In an article published in Historical Biology earlier this month, paleontologists Rafael Delcourt and Fabiano Vidoi Iori outline their discovery of a new abelisaurid theropod in the Sao Jose do Rio Preto formation in Brazil. The dinosaur has been dubbed Thanos simonattoi, and while that could certainly be a coincidence, Iori confirmed to SYFY WIRE that it's not. Thanos does indeed have a dinosaur named after him now.

In the Historial Biology article, Delcourt and Iori explain the etymology as being derived both from the Greek word thanato, for death, and from the Jim Starlin character made famous worldwide in Avengers: Infinity War earlier this year. The dinosaur was also named for Sergio Simonatto, who discovered this particular specimen.

"Thanos simonattoi was a killer and Thanos (Marvel) was a Titan," Iori explained in an email.

But achieving victory through killing isn't the only thing these two creatures have in common...

"We also know that Thanos simonattoi was not extinguished by the Avengers," Iori joked.

So, now Thanos joins the ranks of great men throughout history who've had legendary prehistoric creatures named after them. What more could a made space god ask for?