Arrival and Stranger Things producers will take on the Vampire Uprising

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May 2, 2017, 12:35 PM EDT (Updated)

The producers of Arrival and Stranger Things are on a hell of a roll. First a hit Netflix series, then an Oscar-nominated film, and now they're launching an adaptation of Larry Niven's classic sci-fi story "Inconstant Moon."

Well, this week they added another major genre project.

According to Deadline, producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen -- both of whom worked on Arrival and Stranger Things -- are set to produce an adaptation of A People's History of the Vampire Uprising, an upcoming novel by Raymond Villareal. Fox will distribute the flick after picking up the rights during a studio bidding war.

Billed as "World War Z with vampires," the novel documents a vampire epidemic through multiple viewpoints, including government investigators, a librarian at the Vatican, a gossip site and even a Supreme Court justice regarding vampire (they call themselves "The Gloaming") civil rights.

Levy, Cohen and their 21 Laps production company are making the most of their high-profile hits from last year, and I suspect this won't be the last major deal they make in the coming months. As for the project itself, you could argue that vampires and zombies are more or less equally overplayed at this point, and we're already getting another vampire takeover of sorts with the upcoming adaptation of The Passage.

That said, these guys have an eye for good material, so we'll see what happens.