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WIRE Buzz: A Quiet Place 2 adds Djimon Hounsou, James Wan producing The Troop, more

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Dec 20, 2019, 4:51 PM EST (Updated)

This WIRE Buzz roundup is all horror all the time. Whether it’s monsters that only hunt by sound or a modern kingpin of the genre grabbing up new properties to adapt, scares are the name of the game today.

First up is the sequel to A Quiet Place. The original John Krasinski-directed film was such a hit that its follow-up attracted some exciting names aside from returning faces like Emily Blunt. Now, however, one of the new cast members of A Quiet Place 2 is being replaced. According to Deadline, scheduling conflicts prevented Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Child's Play actor Brian Tyree Henry from participating in his previously announced role, so Djimon Hounsou will be taking over in his stead.

Hounsou should be a familiar face to any fan of superhero films, as he’s appeared as the wizard Shazam in Shazam!, the Fisherman King in Aquaman, and Korath the Pursuer in MCU films Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy. He joins Cillian Murphy as the other big new name in writer/director John Krasinski’s sequel, which hits theaters on March 20, 2020.


Next, a tale of paranormal illness and horror in the woods: James Wan will produce an adaptation of Nick Cutter’s spooky book The Troop, according to The Wrap.

The film, which will be directed by Channel Zero and Swamp Thing helmer E.L. Katz from a script by Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald, tells the story of a group of boys on a camping trip. Sounds about right for horror. Things go wrong when their scoutmaster falls prey to a mysterious infection, and all hell breaks loose.

This will be Katz's first feature since 2017's Small Crimes, which starred Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The book, which won the James Herbert Award for Horror Writing, earned praise from such luminaries of the genre as Stephen King. Consider us sold.

The Troop adaptation does not yet have a release date.


Finally, alien true believers are seeing a conspiracy-theory movement grow into a festival. Alienstock Festival, a gathering created by Matty Roberts (the guy behind the viral push encouraging people to raid secretive government facility Area 51), will take place in Rachel, Nevada, from Sept. 19 - 22.

The event, which hopes to boast a stage to showcase some surprise performers, is billed as a celebration of aliens and ... well, there’s not much more information out there. The poster below doesn’t include much, though the website for the fest accepts donations and details the extent to which the event will take over the tiny town of Rachel. The festival will provide its own food, water, toilets, staff, emergency services, and more because they simply don’t exist in the quantities necessary in the desert community.

Alien Stock Festival

Source: Alien Stock Festival

What do you think? Is the truth out there in Rachel, Nevada?