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No words can describe how tense and scary these new clips from A Quiet Place are

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Mar 27, 2018, 1:56 PM EDT

No one expected The Office actor John Krasinski to make his directorial debut with a horror movie, but he did just that with A Quiet Place — and to raves.

Starring alongside his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, Krasinski plays the patriarch of a family living out the wilderness whose members cannot utter a sound or they'll be hunted by mysterious creatures, monsters, aliens, or all of the above. Some ads for it allude to an invasion of some kind on Earth, but without (almost) any spoken dialogue, we're in the dark about what's out there and why our characters can't speak. However, three new clips from the movie have made their way online and, while short, offer some really tense and scary moments that tease what the whole thing will be like. 

Let's start with the one entitled "Bathtub." The bathtub is a place of relaxation, bubbles, and scented bath bombs, but the one in this clip is anything but relaxing. Blunt's character hides herself in a tub, silently weeping and hoping that nothing finds her, I Am Legend-style. Nevertheless, she makes one big rookie mistake: She leaves the door open and right before the scene cuts to black, the three-fingered hand of something appears on the wall in the hallway just outside the bathroom.

This scary moment certainly harkens back to classic alien invasion fare like War of the Worlds. The obvious question is: Where are her husband and children? Could this be taking place during the film's climax where Blunt plays the final survivor? If so, not cool, Paramount marketing team!

Next up is "Bridge." The family crosses a forest bridge without shoes on to muffle the sounds of their footfalls. This is a really, really nice detail, but it's all for naught when one of the stupid kids decides that it's a good time to play with his toy space ship. As the beeps and sirens of the toy go off, Kransinski rushes toward his child, but something is running through the trees, obscured by the leaves. Will John make it in time or will the creature get there first? The spaceship imagery is interesting — is that a hint that the monsters are probably from outer space? 

Finally, we come to "Silo." The name is in reference to the fact that the silent family moves to a remote farmhouse out in the wilderness. Most farms usually comes with silos in which to store grain, but this clip shows that it's housing something a little more sinister. The kids are shining their flashlights inside the silo only to let themselves be bathed in darkness, a perfect oppurtunity for something to drop down behind them. Since the kids are alone in this clip, we guess that the family is split up somehow and that's why Emily's all alone in the bathtub. 

Sort of a spoiler, but the following TV spot reveals that the main characters will speak at least once during the film. "We have to protect them," croaks Blunt to her husband, obviously referring to their young children. 

A Quiet Place stealthily makes its way into theaters April 6.