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A Quiet Place: John Krasinski was skeptical about the ending, but Steven Spielberg changed his mind

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Nov 15, 2018, 2:07 PM EST

While watching A Quiet Place, a cinephile will probably notice nods to classic horror movies like Jaws (hiding the monsters), Alien (the monster in the soundproof cellar) and Jurassic Park (the two kids in the grain silo). Writer/director/actor John Krasinski isn't shy about his love of classic genre fare and even took advice from the master himself, Steven Spielberg, when it came to his movie's ending. 

During a directors' roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Krasinski revealed that he was not a fan of Emily Blunt's character killing one of the monsters with her shotgun. In fact, it wasn't even he who thought of it. 

"The ending of the movie was our producer's idea. He said, 'Emily needs to shoot the monster,'" stated Krasinski. "And I remember thinking, that's insane. I was so against it. And bizarrely, I was driving to work the next day and was listening to an old podcast, an interview with Steven Spielberg from the early '80s, and someone said: 'Why is your generation of directors moving away from making art?' And he said, 'Why can't we make art films that you can also eat popcorn to? I'm not going to shy away from making people enjoy really exciting movie moments, too.' And I thought, 'Oh my God!' That was my wake-up moment to this idea that shooting the creature at the end wasn't abusing my artistic take."

It is unclear to which producer Krasinski refers. The movie was mainly produced by Michael Bay (Transformers), Andrew Form (Ouija), and Brad Fuller (Project Almanac). We can't know for sure, but Bay seems the best candidate for the pushing of a more action-y kind of climax that closes out the story. 

Krasinski is currently working on the sequel, which might actually serve as a prequel to the first film. It is slated to shush theatergoers on May 15, 2020.