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A Quiet Place makes munching on movie theater snacks a dangerous prospect, according to the Internet

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Apr 8, 2018, 8:25 PM EDT

You might get yelled at for using your phone or talking during a movie, but no one--in the history of the cinema--has been chastised for munching on popcorn or rattling their overpriced box of Sno Caps. Wallet-draining snacks are an integral part of the moviegoing experience, but some people are finding them an annoyance during screenings of A Quiet Place, whose entire premise and scare factor revolve around the absence of sound. The scariest thing may not be the movie's monsters after all. Rather, you should fear getting beaten up by a theater full of people for ruining the ambience.

In usual fashion, eating "loud" food during this particular feature film has already become an Internet meme/Twitter gag. Check out what people are saying before you hit the concession stand on your way to see A Quiet Place. You might think twice before biting into that delicious and chocolatey Crunch-A-Bunch or slurping some of that perspirating cup of refreshing Coke.


May we suggest the Sour Patch Kids next time? They're much quieter. 

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