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A scenic guide to the natural wonders of Krypton

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May 2, 2018, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

The planet Krypton is a fictional Earth-like destination that offers an enormous amount of layered history to observe and digest. Beyond the protective dome of Kandor City exists a rich and varied ecosystem teeming with life in all its infinite forms.

Besides its elegant major cities, this lost paradise's continents, islands, oceans, forests, and jungles were overflowing with an amazing abundance of natural wonders to take in as you traveled about and soaked in the many splendors of the fourth planet of the Rao system.


Most of these must-see spots are mentioned only in passing in particular comic book panels or expansive maps designed to describe and detail the notable geologic oddities of the doomed planet. Some of these attractive locales have a more defined role in multiple storylines and miniseries spread along the timelines of Jor-El, Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, and Krypto.

For 80 years, dozens of DC artists and writers have all contributed must-see guidebook highlights over the years for planet-hopping sightseers of all races and religions. Beware of any hostile plants or animals as you complete your intergalactic sojourn into the wilds of this iconic comic book globe.

So pack a solid walking staff, trail snacks, and sensible hiking shoes and let's set out for a fantastic field trip to observe a spectacular range of Kryptonian tourist traps and significant points of interest that will likely leave your breathless.. and really, really tired.

jewel mountains.jpg


These dazzling peaks were thought to be created from the remains of large crystalline birds that existed in Krypton's distant past. Their prehistoric skeletons became the sacred spines of these remote mountains situated on the continent of Lurvan. The sparkling geologic formations of gemstones were highly prized for their rarity and industrial applications. Vrang invaders once enslaved Kryptonians to mine the colorful stones.



No zoo key required to witness and learn about many of Krypton's strange and unusual creatures, all confined to their barred cages in case any try to get closer if you're there near dinner time. Is home to the metal-eating beast, the living wheel creature, and the radium-eating gorilla. Many of these bizarro animals were transferred to Superman's private preserve at the chilly Fortress of Solitude.

scarlet jungle.png


A weird wilderness created by a botany experiment gone horribly awry, the Scarlet Jungle is not where you want to be caught when the red sun sets. It's filled with red and purple man-eating plants, infectious spores, giant roaming fungi, and vicious Thought-Beasts that are not prone to random acts of kindness. Non the Destroyer was exiled there after a lobotomy by the Krypton Science Council, only to be rescued later by General Zod.



You didn't know Krypton had a towering volcanic mountain that spews molten gold at regular intervals? Of course it does! Gold comprises a substantial percentage of sub-crustal magma on Krypton, making the luminous metal literally worthless to wealthy Kryptonians, besides its alluring physical properties.

rainbow canyon.jpg


As Superman admits in the panel above, you've never really lived until you've seen Rainbow Canyon on Krypton. Oh, he meant the girl? Sorry. Well, this multi-hued permanent archway is a colorful addition to the bleaker areas of the planet and could quite possibly contain a pot of gold or rare Kryptonian Leprechauns at its base. Plus, this is where the Man of Steel took lovely Lyla Lerrol to stupefy her with its breathtaking beauty.

fire falls.png


A magnificent flaming cataract teeming with mutant fish-snakes that might gnaw on your bones. This brilliant effect is the result of the Blood-Bloom Plant secreting a flammable substance into the epic waterfalls, producing a hypnotic and incendiary natural wonder you will not soon forget. In some storylines the falls were composed of thick free-flowing lava. Don't stand too close or you'll singe your eyebrows off!

meteor valley.png


Basically a gigantic swath of land created by a monster meteor scratching the surface of Krypton during prehistoric times. Could be a lovely spot for a picnic if the radiation level doesn't cook your chicken salad sandwiches first. This meteor strike merely grazed the surface without becoming an extinction-level event. That honor was left to Brainiac, whose abduction of Kandor caused instability in the planet's ancient core.



Imagine the coolest museum in the universe, where the records of hundreds of planets and moons are on display for intrepid viewers and curious stargazers. Though little info is available about this interactive exploratorium, one must speculate that it contained complex dioramas, 3D models, and computer simulations of exotic locations known and named by the Krypton Science Council.

krypton sea.png


Set sail upon Krypton's largest and most tempestuous body of water and try not to dangle your feet in the dark depths for fear of having them bitten off by swarms of sea creatures and leviathans. This immense ocean was explored by some of Krypton's greatest mariners, who mapped the planet and discovered new continents and islands.

glass forest.png


Here's a shatteringly beautiful location made entirely of trees created of pure glass. But its fragile reflective groves contain haunted entities and crystal demons that munch on children indiscriminately. Superman was once transported to this enchanted glass forest by the Queen of Fables, where she hoped to make him her Prince Charming.

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