A serial killer puppet, and Constantine blows up the time stream in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

As usual, Legends of Tomorrow manages to tell a heartbreaking, emotional story juxtaposed with a bizarro insane adventure to tie it all together. You know, classic Legends.

Spoilers ahead for “Hell No, Dolly!,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, December 3, 2018.

After teasing out Constantine’s recent troubles, we finally get to see what led the Hellblazer to be more broken than usual upon joining up with the Legends. Turns out Constantine spent the six months before we caught up with him falling madly in love with a fellow named Dez. But, like most things Constantine loves, Dez ends up going to hell. Literally. At Constantine’s hand, no less, as part of an effort to banish a demon to hell. It explains why Constantine was so distraught when Sara tried to draft him onto the Waverider, and gives some real stakes to the powerful demon that’s been plaguing him.

To try and save Dez, Constantine goes back in time to try and make it to where they never meet. He fails, because their meeting was apparently a fixed point in time, so he instead jumps forward a bit into their relationship and breaks things off with Dez. At its heart, Constantine is trying to do whatever he can to save the man he loves. He can’t see past that drive to realize Zari’s warning holds some truth. Having a time machine is the greatest temptation, but something you have to reconcile to stay on this team. Now he certainly knows, and by saving Dez he has doomed the timeline at large.

Constantine’s actions send a shockwave through all of time, freezing pretty much everyone, except for Charlie and Zari, who were on a drop ship at the time. But, umm, Zari was turned into a cat thanks to all that timey-wimey-ness.

On the flip side of Constantine’s mission, we have the rest of the team tracking down the latest magical fugitive in New Orleans circa 1856. The evil, murderous serial killer spirit has possessed a creepy little doll. They manage to stop the creepy little killer, but upon the Waverider the spirit jumps into a puppet of Professor Stein and tries to take out Ava and Sara. The puppet is no match for the Legends, though, but just as they’re dealing some hard blows they’re caught in Constantine’s time bubble.

Assorted musings

Sara Legends of Tomorrow

Ray’s crush on Norah leads him to grow the biggest, bushiest mustache ever to try and impress her. It’s glorious.

The magic diary is still sticking around, though Ava is a buzzkill and takes it away from Rory. This leads to one tense exchange between the two, with him calling her a clone. They do work together later on, but there’s certainly no love lost between these two.

Charlie has her shapeshifting abilities back! Hopefully those come in handy fixing all these timeline troubles.

Next week: The midsession finale arrives, with reality fractured into a whole lot of weirdness. Oh, and more puppets, for some reason.

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