A Star Wars fan's dying wish to see The Force Awakens has been granted

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Dec 17, 2018, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

Earlier this week, we shared with you the story of Daniel Fleetwood. Fleetwood is suffering from a rare form of cancer and was told in July that he had just two months to live. Fleetwood beat those odds, but his condition is worsening, and, believing he wouldn't make it to December, he had just one very nerdy wish: to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before he dies.

Fleetwood's family and friends started #ForceForDaniel as a way to get the word out about his wish, and after a Houston TV station shared his story it went viral in a hurry, reaching fans everywhere and Force Awakens stars like Mark Hamill and John Boyega. That people were aware and supporting Fleetwood was no longer in question, but what was in question was whether Disney would allow anyone, even a dying fan, to see the film amid all of the studio's efforts to prevent spoilers. Well, today we got the answer.

Fleetwood's wife Ashley shared on Facebook (which was later reposted to Twitter) that the family received a call this week from J.J. Abrams himself, and that Thursday Daniel got to see The Force Awakens.


We might hear more from Fleetwood about his experience seeing the film. We might not. Either way, this is a heartwarming reminder that weird stories about space wizards really mean something sometimes. May the Force be with you, Daniel Fleetwood.

(Via The Verge)