A super-rare Alan Moore comic from 20+ years ago is up for auction

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Perhaps the rarest Alan Moore comic of them all has just hit auction, and it's not an issue of Miracleman. Instead, it's Outbreaks of Violets - Random Acts of Kindness, a story penned by Moore as part of a special commission for the 1995 MTV Europe Video Music Awards. 

Moore created the story with a collection of artists, including Mick McMahon, Max Cabanes, Rachael Ball and a host of others, and it was printed as both a book and a set of postcards. According to Bleeding Cool, only 500 copies of the story were printed, and only about 200 were actually distributed to VIPs at the event. Guests at the show apparently didn't really understand what they were getting and threw many of them away, while leftover copies were destroyed years later in a fire. Therefore, finding one of these is an exceedingly rare thing, and collectors tend to get very excited when one surfaces.

OK Comics in the United Kingdom has managed to get their hands on a copy of Outbreaks of Violets, and it's just gone up for auction on eBay. The current price is only about $41, but as word gets around it will no doubt go up. The printing for sale is the postcard version of the story, which the shop describes like this:

"OUTBREAK OF VIOLETS is a set of 24 cards, with text written by ALAN MOORE, creating a loose narrative. The front of the cards are each illustrated by 24 different artists from around the world; including Mattotti, Burns, Baudin, Max, Hewlett, Boucq, Anderson, Baru, McMahon, and others.

The cards come in an opaque envelope which is attached to the inside cover of a 33cm x 45cm portfolio. The portfolio includes a book 29cm x 42cm showcasing each artists artwork and career, AND separate loose art prints representing each of the artists, ready to frame."

If you're curious, here's a peek at the actual product:


If you're an Alan Moore fan, a comics fan, or just a fan of weird artifacts from the '90s, head over to eBay and check this thing out. As of this writing, you have about 10 days to get in on the auction.