A Tale of Two Chewbaccas: how John Hodgman and Adam Savage enjoyed SDCC

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:20 AM EDT (Updated)

When most people try cosplay for the first time, they go relatively simple -- maybe The Doctor, or even Han Solo. A movie-ready costume of Chewbacca? Not quite as often. However, it does offer the benefit of being a full-coverage costume, with no way to tell who is within it, which makes it perfect for a celebrity who wants to enjoy the floor of San Diego Comic-Con.

That's what John Hodgman did, along with cosplay (and incognito con walker) expert Adam Savage. The pair dressed as Chewbacca -- both of them -- for a walk around SDCC, though they may not have been thinking about the fact that nearly as many people would want to stop them for pictures because they're dressed as Chewbacca.

Hodgman dug wearing the crazy "10-inch disco boots" (their dance break together is pretty solid) and getting to see how many people just love the Star Wars alien co-pilot. His Shyriiwook leaves a little to be desired, but we'll forgive him that much.

Of course, even in full costume, Adam Savage managed to get recognized (around 8 minutes in).

"That was really fun. It's amazing, not only to make so many people excited - I'm surprised by the alchemy of two Chewies. I think it made it even more magical for people," Hodgman said at the conclusion. Sounds like someone's caught the cosplay bug!

Check out the video below for their experience, plus an interview with the creator of Hodgman's Wookiee costume.

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