Party City Pennywise prop

A talking life-size Pennywise now lurks in the sewers of Party City

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Aug 1, 2018, 10:55 PM EDT

If you suddenly start hearing a disembodied voice whispering “You’ll float too” out of nowhere, it’s not in your head. You could be standing in Party City.

In case you're new to Party City, the chain is famous (or infamous, depending on how you feel about Halloween) for putting out life-size Grim Reapers, werewolves, zombies, skeletons, skele-ghosts, and even a life-size Tim Curry version of Pennywise. Now they're clowning around again, and terrorizing IT fans in the process, with a new Pennywise in Sewer prop and Bill Skarsgard-inspired life-size Animated Pennywise.

party city pennywise

(Credit: Party City)

When they say life-size, they mean it. This demon clown from the Macroverse looms over our lair (or lawn) at 6 feet tall, and effectively scares trick-or-treaters away with creepy motions, flashing yellow eyes, and those eerie words beckoning them underground, because we all float down here. It’s just about the closest thing you can have to a personal appearance from Skarsgard at your Halloween party.

Just in case someone is actually brave enough to enter your house of horrors, there is also a Pennywise Sewer Prop that features the greasepainted face of It tempting anyone who passes by to float with him, if the thought of being dinner for a shapeshifter in a clown suit is in any way appealing. The motion sensor will make sure its eyes light up and it hisses something to freak out whoever gets in its way.

These props are actually pretty dead-on, capturing Skarsgard’s inherently evil smile, and probably indistinguishable from the real thing in the dark. The amount of detail that has gone into the life-size animatronic is shocking, from the cracks in his makeup to the ruffles on his satin suit to the red balloon he just can’t be without. This is haunted house quality.

Just one criticism—the suit in the movie is more of an off-white with orange pompoms, but this thing is so nightmarish, that can pass.

Find both versions of Pennywise at Party City as soon as you start to see polyester cobwebs in the windows. Deadlights not included.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)