A trip inside Rip's mind and Vixen vs. a T-Rex in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Land of the Lost," the latest episode of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The short version: Evil Rip takes control of the Waverider, so Sara and Jax hack into his mind to try to un-brainwash him. It works! Nate, Ray and Amaya go on a dinosaur safari to recover a piece of the ship that was damaged. Nate and Amaya are quickly becoming a thing.

The good: Rip's Inception, doppelgängers, the T-Rex, ALL THE GIDEON

Legends of Tomorrow never claimed to be the smartest show on television, but it continues to be one of the most fun. Case in point: Sara and Jax take a deep dive into Rip's mind to try to break Eobard Thawne's brainwashing. Of course, everything they need has been on the ship the entire time, it's just that Mick never bothered to mention it and nobody thought to ask Gideon if this future-ship had anything that could help. But whatever, into Rip's mind we go! Rip's subconscious is a smoky version of the Waverider, which makes sense — it's been his home for years, and they can also reuse the set (hey, they had to save some budget to pull off that T-Rex, right?).

Once inside, Sara and Jax have to grapple with evil doppelgängers of themselves, which are apparently the "bad" versions that Thawne programmed into him so he would hate his old crew. Or something. Whatever, we got a Sara vs. Sara fight and it was pretty great. Seeing the crew play evil was a nice change of pace, especially the aww-shucks Ray Palmer. It's not often Brando Routh gets to flex that kind of range. And, umm, yeah. Mick was still pretty much the same. But, it all ended well enough, with Rip finally back in his sweet duster.

This show never takes itself too seriously, and sending Ray, Amaya and Nate into the Cretaceous period on a scavenger hunt was largely played for gags, from Ray's creepy dolls to the dinosaur urine to the T-Rex omelets. Not to mention all the cock-blocking by Ray. It culminated with Amaya saving everyone by going face-to-face with a T-Rex and chilling it out (she can apparently channel dinosaurs now, which should come in handy). It was a great scene, especially on a CW budget.

Yes, this one borrowed heavily from the excellent Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife," with Gideon taking on the form of a (as Sara notes) hot chick. But, as goofy as it was, it kind of worked. Having Rip and Gideon share a kiss was a weird twist, but it made sense. They've been through a lot together, even if she is just an artificial intelligence. To have Gideon be the only positive influence left in Rip's mind was a cool move. They didn't spend much time on it (probably because you can just go watch "The Doctor's Wife" if you want to see that explored in more detail). And hey, Arthur Darvill is in that one, too. So yeah. Full circle and all.

The bad: This show is so delightfully dumb, but sometimes too dumb

So Ray, Nate and Amaya spend the entire episode hiking through Jurassic Park to try to recover the missing piece of the time drive. So … why didn't Ray just wear his suit, so he could fly out there and grab it in about five minutes? Especially once they realized it was in a T-Rex's nest? This show's use (and non-use) of powers is maddeningly inconsistent, and the reason is obvious: they wanted them to go off on this silly adventure, and using the super-suit would've negated that. Which is fine. Just make up an excuse for why the suit was unavailable.

Then there's the fact that Sara and the Legends brought Rip back on board his old ship, the Waverider, as a prisoner. Yes, they told the AI Gideon not to listen to any of his commands, but who here thought for one second that Rip Mother-F**king Hunter didn't have a fail safe code installed in case he was ever locked out of the system? Yeah, you knew that was coming the moment he set foot on the ship. C'mon, Legends. Be smarter than that. Heck, if you're gonna bring him on, muzzle him! Or something! But Mick decking him was pretty cool, so we did get that out of the whole ordeal.

Lingering questions

With Rip officially back in action, it begs the question: Who will be captaining the Legends now? Sara stepped into a tumultuous situation and has put together one heck of a tight team. Not to mention the fact that this is one of the few comic book shows to actually have a female hero in charge. It'd be a shame if she just hands back over the reins. Seeing her journey to become a leader has been inspiring, and it'd be a shame to see it end.

Ray warns Nate that his relationship with Amaya could mess up her timeline, since she eventually has to have the granddaughter we met a while back on Arrow. This show has always tried to sprinkle in a bit of romance (even when it was terrible, like with Hawkgirl last season), so it'll be interesting to see where this goes next.

Line of the night:

"I'm a bitch in Rip's mind." -Sara

Next week: The Legion of Doom causes havoc on Apollo 13. Oh yeah, this looks like fun.