A were-bear goes berserk in new trailer + character posters for Russian superhero flick Guardians

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Apr 15, 2016, 5:42 PM EDT

Marvel, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. aren't the only ones creating some sensational superhero films these days.  Over in the former Soviet Union, Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan is filming a crazy new addition to the genre with Russian shapeshifting beings created during the Cold War returning to defend their homeland from supernatural forces.  

This newest trailer and set of gorgeous character posters introduce us to the key members of the superpowered squad and impressive special effects for what is essentially a low-budget feature ($12-15 million). The rampaging Russian team is made up of: Khan, a martial artist with the ability to master the wind; Xenia, a woman who transforms her body into water; Ler, a man who can control earth; and Arsus, a gun-slinging mutant were-bear.  The main baddie is Argus, a maniac with unlimited shapeshifting powers and manipulator of electricity.

Here's the official synopsis:

During the Cold War, a secret organization “Patriot” has created a squad of superheroes, which included participants from various Soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identity, but in hard times, they again take the case.

Sure, it makes liberal use of situations and action pieces we've seen in the X-Men and Avengers movies but it's got a ferocious Russian style that blends national pride, concepts of secret experimentation and Cold War politics that feel somehow fresh.  Take a peek at this latest teaser and portrait posters below and tell us if this superhero film from Mother Russia looks like a sweeping saga you'd love to see.


From Ascension Media and Red Thread Pictures and starring Sebastien Sisak, Sanzhar Madiyev, Anton Pampushnyy, Alina Lanina, Valeria Shkirando, Stanislav Shirin and Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Guardians premieres in Russian theaters in February 2017.

(Via io9 and  Flickering Myth)