A zombie T-rex is on the loose in new trailer for The Jurassic Dead

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Feb 22, 2018, 3:57 PM EST

What's nearly as invincible as an undead Viserion, the Night King's azure-eyed abomination in HBO's Game of Thrones? How about a raging, zombified thunder lizard rampaging through post-apocalyptic America?!

A crazy new indie monster movie aptly titled, The Jurassic Dead, premieres this week at the European Film Market showcase in Berlin and unites our insatiable hunger for dinosaurs and deadheads.


The plot is just goofy enough to attract some serious buyers bent on releasing the sci-fi horror flick internationally as a companion offering to the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this June.

Following a cataclysmic EMP attack on the United States, a ragtag gang of mercenaries teams up with a group of millennial techno-geeks to take down a mad scientist's monstrous experiment. The terrifying zombie T-Rex goes on a predictable kill-crazy bender but who cares—it's a Z-Rex with glowing red eyes and scaly, emaciated skin munching on innocent survivors!

Check out the first trailer for directors Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick's The Jurassic Undead and tell us if you think the recipe for this insane new creature feature doesn't sound a bit appetizing.

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