10.5 pound, 63-inch Halo sniper rifle made entirely of LEGOs

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Dec 15, 2012

We dig a well-crafted sci-fi LEGOs project here at Blastr, so we were happy to see builder Nick Jensen's full-size, very convincing rendition of a sniper rifle from Halo: Reach. This thing's so detailed, it's even got moving parts. The Covenant better run.

Jensen spent about four months crafting the rifle, which he calls the SRS 99 Anti-Matériel sniper rifle, using close-up screenshots straight from the videogame for reference. He got so absorbed in actually building the thing that he doesn't even remember how many pieces it took. It wasn't always easy (he dropped it once), but the end result is sleek and deadly-looking.

Jensen is no stranger to LEGO weapons from Halo. He'd already built a LEGO combat knife and LEGO pistol from the game before taking on the rifle, but he's outdone himself here. He even gave the gun a working sliding bolt and moveable safety, plus a removable magazine for when LEGO finally gets wise and starts manufacturing its own plastic bullets for these things.

Check out the photos below.

(The Brothers Brick via Geekosystem)

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