A Clash of the Titans TRILOGY? Sequels are already written!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Are you ready for the Clash of the Titans sequels? While it may be a little early for us to be thinking that far out—after all, the first flick, starring Avatar's Sam Worthington as Perseus, won't open for another couple of weeks—apparently director Louis Leterrier was forced to think of the film as a trilogy in order to get the green light from Warner Brothers, firstshowing reported.

"I wrote two other movies," said Leterrier. "It was three movies. Warners came to me and said, 'We'll greenlight your movie if you promise us [two more]. You can tell that the story doesn't end at the Clash of the Titans. ... And I said, 'Thanks a lot,' because I love doing that. And I had to write two stories. So Clash of the Titans is ... actually a bigger movie."

Leterrier, admits, though, that first we'll have to see how Clash does at the box office.

"Let's see, knock on wood, that this will work. And I promise you that I've got more. And I've got good more. It's not like I've got more of the same, I've got more of different, and mythology is just like ... We've opened the door. ... It goes beyond any heroes that you've heard of and stuff like that. ... It's fun. It's good! That's why I was like, great, okay it's a remake, but the door is open to Greek mythology, so we'll see!"

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