A classic (and furry) Doctor Who monster may be back next season

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Dec 16, 2012

Since Doctor Who's successful TV comeback in 2005, fans have been wondering which classic Who villains would return to make life difficult (okay, exciting) for our beloved Time Lord. Until now, only a handful have made it into the new series, but now comes a rumor that another old enemy is set to make its long-awaited return.

So after updated, modern takes on the Daleks (and Davros), the cybermen (and most recently the cybermats), the silurians, the Master and the Autons—just to name a few—who's next for the Doctor?

Doctor Who TV is reporting that one of the classic '60s and '70s Who monsters we'll get to see in the upcoming season seven is ... the Yeti.

Though they look like big furry space monsters, the Yeti are actually alien robots, and it's not the first time they've been rumored for a Doctor Who comeback.

Way back when, in June of 2010, it was believed that the classic Who monster was gonna make its long-awaited return appearance in the Xmas special ''A Christmas Carol,'' but it never happened.

The rumor had been sparked when designer Peter McKinstry released this concept drawing of the Yeti:

While we'd rather see the return of the Zygons (who's with us on this?), we wouldn't mind seeing the Yeti make its long—make that very long—awaited return.

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